International Service

"Sock it to 'Em"

Sock it to ‘Em brought in a total of 1,631 pairs of socks and $2,130.00 in gift cards and cash.

Beta Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority has chosen three deserving places to distribute the socks to. Beth, Chapter Service Secretary, distributed socks to Rose of the Warren Food Pantry (Picture 1).


Sisters' Sharing

Distrubition of socks to Warren Food Pantry

Socks...Socks everywhere

Tara, Chapter President, on the right distributed socks to Anita of Salamonie School (Picture 2).

Sisters' sharing

Distribution to Salamonie School

This is awesome!

Tara, Chapter President, on the right, distributed socks to Southern Wells School (Picture 3).

Sisters' Sharing

Distribution to Southern Wells School