"Opportunity to serve others and give back"

As I grew in my career, I found that there was an outstanding opportunity for me to grow in my leadership skills by serving in my local Sorority Chapter.  I rotated through all the chapter offices and realize that I had a higher calling.  I campaigned for a Province office and found myself holding all offices through Province President.  With each office I held, I became more confident speaking in front of groups, and organizing meetings and people. My Sigma Phi Gamma opportunities translated into a wonderful career of corporate education. True, that through my affiliation of these amazing women, I have grown into a successful businesswoman, but much more important, I became a more compassionate human being. 

In our lives, we can be a spectator or a participant. Choose to participate.  We have a choice to reach out to those in need or cast a blind eye.  Choose to care.  Everyone faces adversity in their life, sooner or later...choose to face those adversities with courage and strength.  When we choose to be a positive force, we can move mountains and our 'can do' attitude just might be that bright ray of hope someone else needed to experience!

Through Sorority, I have been given the opportunity to serve others, to give back to my community.  I have happily shared my time, talent, ideas and energy.  This year, I have the honor to serve as the International President this year.  Through service, we grow as individuals.  However, neither time, effort, commitment or determination can compare to what I have gotten back from the friendship in this amazing group of women.  Words cannot describe this network of ladies I call my sisters.  It is so moving to think that this chain of friendship began with five community-minded women in Hartford City, Indiana just shy of 100 years ago.  Today, and every day I cherish how this organization has helped me become a person who knows, that, 'Yes, I do make a difference!'  'WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE'   You see, it's true, the more we give of ourselves, the more we realize that we are indeed the lucky ones.  What an honor to be part of a group who celebrates and supports each other.   Can I describe Sigma Phi Gamma in three words, yes I can! FRIENDSHIP   SERVICE   COMMUNITY

  • 1. Sorority Sisters

  • 2. Friendship

  • 3. Fun Loving

  • 4. Service

Circle of Friendship

Our five Life Founders created our foundation of friendship, service and community almost 100 years ago. Do you want to be part of a community-minded group of women?  Membership is open to women over 18 who are interested in our circle of friendship.

With Chapters throughout the United States and Canada, we can help put you in contact with a member near you. Come; join in the fun of giving back!

  • I love SPG for the loving, caring and friendly ladies you come to know and love from all over the U.S. and Canada at the International Convention. The contributions to communities and nonprofit organizations are most heartwarming. SPG DOES make a difference thanks to our beautiful sisters.

  • Sigma Phi Gamma has always been a "girl thing" in my family including: my daughter, my sister, my niece, and my sister-in-law.

  • I love going to International Conventions!  Road trips with sisters, adventures and funny happenings, lots of great food, making new friendships, and renewing old ones... what better way to relax and have fun than with those you love- our SPG sisters.

Sisters' Scrapbook

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