Vice President Sends Bylaw Information to Chapter VPs

Reviewing bylaws is such a cool and geeky thing to do and I love it!  On August 24th I sent an email to Vice Presidents providing them guidance on review of their Chapter bylaws and the required Chapter Bylaw Report Form that is due to me (International Vice President – by no later than December 1, 2015.

The purpose of this blog post is to get all my cool and geeky Sisters who love bylaws and procedures to volunteer to review the bylaws with their Chapter’s Vice President. Imagine how excited your VP will be to have volunteers for this fun and exciting task!
While you’re at it … take a look at the September BUDDIE to see the amendments to the International bylaws that were passed by the membership – a few of these will have an impact on your Chapter bylaws.
Let’s rock this task and get it done before Thanksgiving. I would hate the stuffing to burn and the turkey to dry out because you were meeting to review the Chapter bylaws at the last minute to meet the December 1 deadline.
If you have questions or need assistance with your Chapter review … don’t hesitate to call (614.679.3997) or write (