Chapter Bylaw Deadline!


With just a few days left before the deadline to submit your Annual Report of Chapter Bylaws Form and Amendments I can report that 25 Chapters have submitted reports. As the holiday season begins it is only going to get tougher to get this task completed. PLEASE take a few minutes to complete the form and email it to me at

If you are submitting a newly typed set of bylaws send them to me via email. It is not necessary to submit the form or a copy of bylaws via US mail. Sending these items by email is actually easier – it allows me to save the information in International’s permanent electronic files for your Chapter.

So, before the turkey is in the oven, or the holiday parties begin, complete your task as Vice President to review your Chapter bylaws and return the appropriate form to me prior to December 1st.

Holiday Message to Our Sigma Phi Gamma Family

Your International Council wishes you and every member of our SPG family a safe and engaging holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving and rolling right through the new year we pray for your good health, joyous hearts, and thankful service.

It fills our hearts with warmth and love to hear about all of the great service work that is being done for children, families, and those less fortunate this holiday season. While our beloved sorority is about friendship – we are at the very heart of our beings about service and community.

May you and yours be blessed. May those you serve receive your offerings with an open and thankful heart. May your community enjoy a safe holiday season. May our world be more kind and loving.

From our homes to yours … with much love.

Wendie, Donna, Liz, Deb, Joyce, Jill, Jan, and Mary Ann