Thinking About Ways to Use Social Networking to Attract More Women to Your Chapter?

Donna Collins, Vice President
A recent inquiry about Chapter’s hosting a public Facebook page got your International Council into a discussion about how we hope to attract women interested in being part of our Sorority at the local level. The inquiry, from a Chapter asked if it was possible to make their private Facebook page, or portions of it, public. Your International Council offers the following:
Yes, you may have a public Facebook page – noting that ownership is YOUR CHAPTER. We ask that you not use the following SPG elements: Sigma Phi Gamma, the crest, or new logo. You should also not use your Province name or information without the Province President’s permission.
Our rationale is that, noting the request was for a public Chapter Facebook page, this keeps the International and Chapter as two different entities and you won’t need permission from the International President to post things. We ask that you invite members of the International Council to ‘friend’ your page. We are eager to keep up with all you are doing and to learn from how you post and communicate.

Also, as you know, once you make contact with new and potential members you can direct them to the SPG website, and any other appropriate sorority information.

It is very exciting that our Chapter leaders are seeking additional ways to connect with the friends of Sisters, members of your geographic region, and others who may find you via your public Facebook connections.

Friendship, Service, and Community … another way to get connected and grow!