A Mother’s Day Weekend Message from Donna Collins

It’s Mother’s Day weekend … yes, we’ve gone from a day to a weekend. You know this is a big deal, not because we asked for it but rather the world is getting busier and young people need time to fit us into their schedules – the result is Mother’s Day weekend!

When I think about Sigma Phi Gamma, I think about the hundreds of women in our sorority who are indeed my Sisters – but many of you are also my surrogate Mother. When my Mom died on February 4, 2016 my heart was broken. My life felt immediately less full. And, now in May, the loss and sadness are still like an open wound – but it is different. 

So many of you have filled a place in my heart that broke. You have offered me cards, notes, letters, phone calls, poems, social networking posts, and most of all you have ‘mothered me’ into reality. Helping me better understand the cycle of life, reminding me that who I am today is because of my mother, and knowing that I am loved.

Thank you for being my Sister and my mother. Thank you, just like my real Mom, for loving me for who I am (flaws and all). We are all someone’s daughter, so to each of you I send my love and best wishes for a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend.