A Little Reflection About Our Creed & Self-Love and Improvement

A blog post from Suzanne Hermanson

I’ve always loved reciting the SPG Creed. I believe it embodies what we strive to be as Sisters and frankly, as human beings.

We are all flawed individuals. We know our own faults better than most.

As you know most New Year’s resolutions are lost before February rolls around but, I would like to propose a new challenge. What if we each select one line (and one line only) from the Creed and beginning now, in our new sorority year,  each of us works on that part of the Creed we would most like to improve in ourselves. This is a personal journey, not a Chapter or Province project.  I think you will discover, like me, that it is an ongoing process of self-improvement.

Next summer you may wish to select a new line of the Creed, or you may stay with the same line. If you falter along the way, don’t give up, just start anew.

This resolution of self-reflection and self-work is not intended to be an easy endeavor, but one of self awareness and improvement. All of us working toward the same goal, to be a better Sister and a better human being.

It might be fun to hear some of your success stories around this same time next year.

. . . I have mine selected!

Love Always,