My husband recommended that I read The Daily Motivator each morning before I start my day. Today’s submission made me think of my SPG Sisters. Sigma Phi Gamma ladies ALWAYS find a place to create an opportunity for richness and fulfillment. I am proud to be a part of an organization that spreads joy around the world!

by Ralph Marston

Don’t wait for life to be perfect, or fret and complain that it is not. Live it as it comes, doing all you can, thankful for each day, enthusiastic about making it count.

Happiness does not suddenly appear when you get what you want. Happiness is a state of being that empowers you to create what you choose.

Rather than harboring resentment about what you lack, be resourceful with all you have. Feel your miraculous ability to make a difference, and put it to work.

If all your dreams had already come true, you’d have nothing to look forward to.

If everything was perfect, you’d have no way to make a positive difference.

Expect great things, but don’t let joy be held hostage by your expectations.

Live your joy now, with the way things are, as imperfect as they may be.

Despite its flaws, this time, this place is your opportunity to live with richness and fulfillment. Stop wishing for it to have been different, and start living at your highest and best right now.

2017 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
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I’ve always tended to be a bit of a procrastinator, but usually, I meet my deadlines. Lately I find myself lacking the compunction to do things. I feel tired and have no desire to stay on task. Could it be that these feelings are because I’m aging? Nah! I’ve decided to blame it all on the weather! I think my malaise is rainy, grey day, induced.

Today was a beautiful, warm, sunny day! I found myself motivated! I went for a walk, marveled at the blue sky, and enjoyed the warmth! Did it help brighten my mood? I think it did!

If you find yourself in a funk, it could be winter induced. Look toward spring if possible, to find your potential solution. If spring is still a ways away for you, find the next best thing that will work for you. Get together with friends, help someone in your community, or do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself revs up your metabolism and you’ll feel much better once you’ve revved yourself up!
It is possible that age has something to do with my recent loss of energy . . . but I choose not to let aging win and spring IS on the way!


Having just completed my VIO assignments I could be chatting about how wonderful these events were, how appreciative I am on being treated so well, and how hard it was to leave my Sisters and return home, and while all of that is true, one of the things I heard more than anything was “How do I do….”

So let’s talk about some of those things. How do you read the BUDDIE Blog? Well that’s easy. Go to the Sigma Phi Gamma website and click on BUDDIE Blog. That’s You do not have to enter the user name or the password! BUDDIE Blog posts are available to read right from the Welcome page (public side). After you read the blog post you can (and I encourage you to do so) leave a comment! Better still, send our International President, Donna Collins, a BUDDIE Blog post yourself! It can be on any topic, the happenings in your Chapter, a special Sister you wish to honor, or how much you enjoyed your Province, or how about telling everyone how excited you are about attending the International Convention this year? Donna will review and approve your blog post and send it on to me to be posted! Take a minute and join the fun of blogging!

Here’s another one. How do I get news on my Province or how do I post news about things happening in my Province? The first step is to go to the website, and sign in using the user name and password. After you sign in there is a tab at the top of the page that says, PUBLICATIONS. Click on that and a list will drop down. The last item is Province News, find your Province, click on it and read the items found there. Nothing there? Nothing new? Well, let your Province President know that all she needs to do to get information posted is to send it to our International President, Donna Collins, to approve and she will make sure Susan Hoard or Betty Pethe (our website guru’s) to have it placed on the SPG website! Want to advertise an event? Want other Provinces to know about your fund raisers? Use this space! It’s your place to communicate things that are happening in your Province. You can also check the other Provinces as well to see what is happening in the rest of our Sorority world!

Finally let’s talk Facebook! Did you know we have a Facebook page of our own? We do! What’s more is that you can post comments on this page. It will be approved by our page moderator, Nan Hargiss, and viola – it will appear for everyone to see and read. Nan also accepts pictures of service workshops, events in your Chapter, or that special Sister who works so hard!

Use these communication tools to get the information out to others across Sorority, telling us of just how much you are doing in the name of Sigma Phi Gamma . . . please take advantage of them, you won’t be sorry!


Two of the great ladies of Sigma Phi Gamma attended the Sigma Province meeting this year. Milly Creighton, Alpha Gamma Chapter, who is 97 years young and almost completely blind NEVER misses a Province meeting. And, this year, Donna Long escorted Milly to ensure she could participate in all the activities.

Another shining example of endurance is Rosemary Lytle, Nu Delta Chapter. Rosie is 94 years young this year, and has been faced with very serious health issues for most of the year. Rosie has been a Sigma Phi for 73 years. Her time with our organization started way back in Kokomo, Indiana. Rosie has only missed one Sigma Province meeting, and that was in 2016 when she was in the hospital. Amazingly, her health improved to the point that she was able to grace us at the Sigma Province meeting last week.

Other pillars of Sigma Province who could not attend the meeting this year are Ruth Dubach, Lambda Epsilon Chapter, Hildegarde Johnson and Rose Rooney both of Nu Delta Chapter. We are blessed to have these very long-term members sharing our sisterhood.


Setting: Province meeting, standing around the auction table. Names of the ladies have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

SUSIE (Chapter Organizer), ‘I don’t get any information from International.’

JANE, ‘Really I get an email every month from our Chapter President – that she gets from Donna. It always includes a letter from Renee, the International Organizer, and it’s so informative. Does Elayne send you the letter or is it read at your business meeting?’

SUSIE, ‘Hummm, no, I don’t think so. I’m going to ask about that, I know for sure I’m not getting the letter.’

JANE, ‘The information we get keeps all of us in-tune to what’s happening in all areas of sorority. Last month I read about the International Service project, and got tips on how to get more ladies to our socials. It’s our President’s job to keep us connected with International, I think you should just ask to have the letter forwarded to the members. And, I forgot, these things are also posted on the SPG website. And while we’re talking, do you read the BUDDIE? There’s always an article from each of the Officers and one for every Province.’

STEPHANIE (who just joined the conversation), ‘I read the BUDDIE on line, sometimes when I’m sitting around waiting for the kids after school, I pull it up on my phone from the SPG website and look for ideas that other Chapters are doing for Ways and Means.’

KAREN (who is also just joining the conversation), ‘I read it too, I’m thinking about running for International Service Secretary in a year or two, reading the officers’ articles is giving me an idea of the jobs they do and why they do it. I read the BUDDIE Blog too. I love it because I’m getting to know some of the ladies that aren’t in our Province – they write about gardening, things they learned from other organizations, and they also write about their personal lives. I love it.’

DONNA, ‘Ladies, what I think I’m hearing is that when we are connected and communicate we eliminate the frustration of lack of information. Your International Council works pretty hard to keep communications open. Jane, you’re right, every month I send one PDF to each Province and Chapter President – the document includes a letter from me, with important information and updates from all of our International Officers. And, Karen, I’m glad that you mentioned that everything we send out is also on the SPG website.’

JANE, ‘All of this reminds me that the more we engage, the more we help people understand, the more clarity we will have.’

SUSIE, ‘I’m with you ladies. Our Founders knew what they were doing, we just need to be clear that we know and use the SPG resources available to us and support one another.’

DONNA, ‘Enough said, we’re all on the same page now! Who wants to join me for a game of Spoons … and a conversation about your goals to run for Province and International Officer positions!’