I was getting ready for a Province meeting visitation recently. As I lay down to sleep before going to the airport, I set the alarm and thought – what could I cut from my getting ready routine to sleep a little longer? I knew there was nothing … so I set the alarm for 3 hours rest and went to sleep. I thought I had set the alarm to get up at 2:30 AM, to leave for the airport by 3:30 AM. I woke, looked at the clock and freaked! It was 3:05! I had set the time but not the alarm! Well, I was cutting something out of my routine now! I showered, but didn’t wash my hair and was dressed and out the door at 3:25 – good thing I had laid my clothes out the night before! So ok, hair looked crummy but I was still on schedule.

I got to the airport, parked the car and got out … just as the shuttle bus passed me by -because I wasn’t at the stop yet…dang it… now 15 more minutes before another shuttle comes. I looked down the street and saw that there were lots of people getting on at the next stop, so I quickly locked the car and ran toward the bus…yea, I made it just as the last person was getting on. I was still on schedule!

I didn’t get TSA Pre-check so I got into the very long line. Made it through and arrived at the gate with a little time to spare. The flight was uneventful and my ride to the hotel was waiting to pick me up when I arrived.

Once at the hotel I had some free time before the Officer’s reception, so I washed my hair to look presentable. The Province meeting started and everything went well.

At the airport for my trip home, I had TSA Pre-check this time so, breezed through- no long line, no shoes off, no laptop out, no baggie of 3 oz. bottles.

The hotel, restaurants, and plane had been Coke places and I’m a Pepsi person, I was really craving a Pepsi! The store past TSA sold Pepsi so I paid the $2.73 they wanted for it and put the Pepsi in my purse to drink on the flight.

I had lots of time before my flight since it had been a breeze clearing TSA. I opened my laptop and started working on pictures I had taken for the photo directory. As I sat there working away, the gate agent announced my flight was overbooked and was asking for volunteers to take another flight. Well that sounded good to me, I didn’t have to be home at any certain time… so I closed my laptop, picked up all of my stuff and went to try and score a free airplane ticket.

Dang it…there was a lady ahead of me and she was going for the free ticket. For some reason I stood there… just in case… and yea! it didn’t work for her, so I stepped up. The agent checked to see if I could take a bump and she did find a flight for me… but there would be a 7 hour layover… so she thought I probably wouldn’t take it. The layover was in Denver, I thought -hmm I can call Patty and see if she wants to come visit with me at the airport, so I said, sure, I’ll take the bump. The bump would mean taking a later flight and getting home late but I would have a $500 voucher for the delay! I called Patty and she said sure, she’d come meet me- so taking the bump worked out well, the 7 hour layover would be fun because I’d be getting to see a sorority Sister now instead of just waiting around!

Once on the flight the lady seated next to me asked what I had been in Columbus for? I shared Province and sorority related information with her. We talked all of the way to Denver. I shared the website and contact info with her. I didn’t drink my Pepsi.

I met Patty at the curb because she suggested we leave the airport since we had so much time to visit. David wanted to visit with me too so instead of just going to a restaurant we drove to their home. After visiting for a while, we all went out to their favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

After dinner, it was time to get back to the airport. I had TSA pre-check – no lines! I walked right up to the scanning machine to clear through. As my purse went through the agent stopped my purse, looked at me, and asked if that was my purse, I said yes, he asked if I had a bottle of liquid in my purse? I went oh my gosh, yes, I have a Pepsi in there….well that’s not ok… so I got pulled aside and they swiped my purse for explosives- of course there wasn’t any, so all was good… but… the agent had to take my Pepsi…no! not my spendy Pepsi! Cuz now I really wanted it!

The flight to home was uneventful.

Because I had taken a bump, my suitcase arrived 7 hours before me so I had to go to the airline office to retrieve my bag. When I got there they asked for id. I opened my wallet for my id but it wasn’t in it’s place, I checked my whole purse and couldn’t find it. I thought great… I’ve left my id at the TSA in Denver… I did have the voucher for taking the bump so I showed that as proof of who I was and they gave me my suitcase. Eventually, I did find my id…in my purse the whole time.

Once I’ve parked my car at the airport I write the section I park in on a memo log in my phone. I checked the memo to see which bus to catch to get back to my car- red lot section C. I get on the red bus, get off at shelter C, rethink my steps to the bus and head off in the direction of my car. I walk as far as I think it was, look around, no car…go the other way, look around…no car, look on the other side of the street… no car…by now I’m really tired, so I head for the exit to ask for help in locating my car. They sent someone to help me and he asks- where did I park? We go off in the direction I thought I had gone on arriving and… no car… the guy says- I bet I know what happened, we have this problem a lot, see that C on the shelter sign? I say yes, he says that’s not a C, it’s a telephone receiver- I look closely and he’s right…he says- people in a hurry think it’s a C. Great now I have no idea where I parked my car because my car wasn’t by the red shelter C.

That long walk to the exit I had taken to ask for help…I could’ve used a phone at any of the many shelters I walked past which had a “letter C” on them to call for that help.

We start driving around and the guy asks- do I know my license plate number? um no…but just then I see my car and push the key fob, so he says ok, that’s your car. The guy said- we have to fill out a report and then you’re good to go.

I get into my car and look on the dash for my parking ticket- it’s not there…maybe it’s in the backseat where my suitcase was, maybe I dropped it being in a hurry to get to the bus…nope not in the backseat, not on the ground outside the car either.

Just great, what else can go wrong with this trip? I drive to the exit to find out what I do about a lost ticket. The lady says- this will take a few minutes, we have to write up a report… really? Now I have 2 reports against me in one night! She asked when I came in and figured out what I owed, it really didn’t take long. As she’s asking me if I need a receipt and handing back my id, I say yes, she raises the gate and I drive off.
Half way home, I look over at the passenger seat checking for my receipt and think… oh man I bet I drove off without the receipt!

I got home at 2:30 AM searched for the receipt but nope… I don’t have it… I did drive off without getting a receipt, so I don’t know if I’ll be reimbursed for my parking now, darn it.

A week later, at my next Province visitation, I put my hand into my coat pocket and pull out…the previous week’s parking ticket- yea, now I have proof that I parked at the airport for my other trip! I just had to share this story, what a comedy of errors huh? But hey, all things considered, it was all worth it since I got a trip voucher!


I am sure most of us at one time or another has said, “Just wait, karma will get’em.” Or “What goes around, comes around.” Well this past weekend I had the wonderful experience of good karma from the most unexpected source!
In May we will install a new Chapter, Omicron Delta in Vincennes, Indiana and last weekend we Pledged fifteen wonderful ladies with another Pledge Service set in a week for seven or more! That in itself was a special day in my life, but what made this day even more special was the words and a story from a Sister that was in attendance.
Although I have always known who our Founders were, their names and some basic information, I really didn’t know many specific details about their lives. As we sat and chatted during the luncheon I learned some fascinating facts about one of those beautiful women.
Minnie Ferne Palmer was born in Montpelier, Indiana on March 28th, 1900 to Mason T. Palmer and Henrietta B. (Ford) Palmer. She was raised in the Hartford City, Indiana area and in Oct 1922 she married Marion K. Shick there. As a young newlywed she moved with her husband to Missouri and to Louisiana finally settling in a small farming community of Vincennes in the Southwestern corner of Indiana. They lived the rest of their entire lives there, raising their two children and she traveled to cities about two hours away to continue her work as a Founder of Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority. On April 11, 1996, at age 96 she passed away in that little town and is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery next to her husband Marion.
Now you are probably asking yourself, how does this relate to Karma right? My own life was more connected to her than I thought and to the ladies who will become Sisters to me in May. Three of those Pledges knew her daughter Joan (Shick) Kimmel and her mother “Minnie/Ferne”. The glass company where Ferne’s husband worked is where I bought the glass that I used in my Stained Glass business when I lived there thirty years ago. Joan’s husband family was well known and a road was named after him, Kimmel Rd., the very road my daughter lives on this very day. There are many other connections as well but it’s really incredible to think that after almost 100 wonderful years of Sigma Phi Gamma that there will now be a Chapter where Ferne lived and died. The woman who told me this story said that she knew her well and she would be smiling down with joy to know that we will be welcoming new Sisters from her home town. What goes around does come around, this time in a very good way.
It’s often very easy to forget our roots as we rush into the future with high tech tools, new ways of wording our handbooks, and changes we make to our Bylaws, but what is always the constant is that the love of those Five Founders is still alive today, reaching us in mysterious ways to guide us and inspire us to continue to build this wonderful group of women we call our Sisters in Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority. Thank you Minnie Ferne (Palmer) Shick for your karma coming to remind me of those roots! Hugs to you!


I love to read the SPG BUDDIE Blog posts, and I wondered how many Sisters actually read them too. Yes, I can look at the analytic data from the website, but that would not be so fun for some people (I like nerdy data!). What better way to find out then to have a little contest with a surprise.

The first 25 people to answer the following riddle, within 5 days of it being posted, will receive a surprise from me!


“What costs nothing but is worth everything, weighs nothing, but can last a lifetime, that one person can’t own, but two or more can share?”

I await your answers!