Super Bowl and Sorority – Linda Bullington International Service Secretary

Today is the creme de la creme of football- Super Bowl Sunday!
Coming in June is the creme de la creme of sorority- International Convention.
Football has a long history!
Sorority too, 98 years and counting!
In football both teams travel to a neutral stadium each year.
In sorority all guests travel to a different location each year!
In football both teams prepare for the big event.
In sorority both the hostess Province and the attendees prepare for the big event.
Football brings friends together, sorority does too!
Football has lots of pictures and video- sorority too!
Football has commercials- you see it, you want it, you go to the store for it.
Sorority has Marketplace- you see it, you like it, you buy it, right then!
Football has pre game, sorority has pre tours!
Football introduces the players, sorority introduces the Council!
Football has sponsors.
Sorority sponsors!
Football has half time entertainment, sorority has Skit Night!
Football gatherings have lots of food and beverages, sorority does too!
Football has side bets, sorority has 50/50s and drawing baskets!
In football, players get injured, win or lose yardage or even worse…the whole game.
In sorority, you can win or lose elections, sponsorship proposals or proposed bylaws.
In football the winners get a ring, in sorority- 25 year members get a gold card and 50 year members get a beautiful pin!
Football has a winning team, in sorority we all are winners- because of the friendship and community service we do!
Football winners go to Disneyland, sorority sisters go on post tour!
Yes, football and sorority have much in common, who knew?!

Welcoming Our Sisters

Welcoming Our Sisters
Donna Collins, International Counselor
My Mother died on February 10, 2016. I miss her every single day. My Mom was a member and leader in the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) for a very long time (it was to her what SPG is to me). My Mom saw her membership as a way to have meaningful friendships, volunteer for Veterans and their families, and to support the organization through local and regional leadership. You can easily see how our love of ALA and SPG mirror each other – friendship, service, and community.
When we sold our Mom’s home in Florida after her death I had her mail forwarded to my home in Ohio. I still receive, now almost two years since her death, the ALA magazine. I read it because – well in some small way – holding the magazine somehow makes me think about how my Mother held the magazine and read every page (like we read the BUDDIE).
In the February 2018 issue of the ALA magazine there are a half-dozen articles that can easily translate to issues we deal with, and care about, in SPG. One that really struck home was about membership, here’s my take from the article put into an SPG focus:
Loving the new Sister. We must help new Sisters gain a sense of belonging and gain an understanding of our commitment to friendship, service, and community.
Listen more than you speak. Learn about what interests your new Sister and make connections to your service projects in ways that are meaningful to her.
Invite, and, over Invite. Assume that your Pledge or new Sister wants to attend and participate in every business meeting and opportunity for social or service engagement. Just because one thing doesn’t fit in her calendar doesn’t mean the answer will be ‘no’ in the future.
Be reliable. Do what you say you’re going to do. Show up and do your part. You are a role model for Pledges and new Sisters – show them the SPG way.
Stick to it. Show your pride in SPG and its traditions. Helping a Pledge or new Sister understand services, rituals, and traditions grows the love of our Founders, members, leaders, and our entire organization.
Tick tock, tick tock. When meeting with Pledges and new Sisters be sure to be on time, keep meetings to the stated time, and respect everyone’s schedule and other time commitments.
Confidences are for keeping. When you’re getting to know your Pledge or new Sister you may share confidential personal information. Don’t gossip or share her business, and expect the same from her. Trust is key to new relationships.
Communications. Always extend good will and be positive. When possible make your communications personal – by phone for instance instead of, or in addition to, an email.
We know the more we work together, the more we delight in new friendships. The more we put our best foot forward, the more we encourage deeper friendships. Through these efforts we become better people. Let’s make our Pledges and new Sisters know how much they are valued and welcomed to Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority!

From Debbie Henize International Historian

Hello Sisters! I am writing this post from an American Eagle plane headed to Cincinnati returning from Omega Province. What a great experience!
I was a little intimidated when I saw so many current and past International Officers in attendance. Talk about pressure!! They were all so kind and helpful and encouraging.
Nu Nu Chapter of Omega Province hosted a fabulous annual meeting. They had all the details covered and hosted 78 people at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Tampa. I saw a lot of familiar faces but also a great deal of new faces. I made new friendships and I am so grateful for how comfortable they made me feel. As I told them, I felt like I was home. My roommates, the Omega Province Council, were fantastic and did not even mention my snoring.
Thank you to Sharon Hilton who helped me do Facebook Live. I didn’t realize how easy it was. I am not a great photographer but it was nice to see that so many sisters from across the country commented on our post. Lambda Province next weekend is your turn. Let’s see if you ladies can post also. I would love to see you all enjoying yourselves.
The encouragement and help that I received was amazing. Although I am a little tired, I am excited to go again. I can not wait to visit Kappa Province in Kansas.
All my love,
Debbie Henize

Sharing Sisterly Fun! Linda Bullington

There are three levels of sorority: Chapter, Province and International. Chapter sisters you see monthly or more. Province level sisters you see less often, hopefully, getting together with them at the three Roundtable luncheons and for the annual Province weekend. International level sisters you see even less, generally once a year if lucky, at the International Convention. Of course, there are exceptions to every scenario.
Iota Province covers both Oregon and Washington states. Because they cover a lot of land, each state holds their own Roundtables luncheons- Pre- Province, Pre- International and the Service Roundtable.
Each Chapter takes a turn hosting the Roundtables, they choose the location, decorate if desired, provide centerpieces and or favors; some Chapters cook the luncheon, others choose a favorite restaurant. Some have speakers or entertainment. Some hold drawings and /or 50/50’s. No matter what is offered, it’s always something I look forward to!
Roundtables are a good event to share with a potential member- someone you want to invite to join sorority, it’s a way to show your guest a little more of what we are all about.
On January 20th I attended Iota Province’s, Oregon Chapters Roundtable. I’m a sister of an Oregon Chapter. It’s always fun to see sisters from other Chapters as well as getting together with my own Chapter sisters. The laughter flows; you share ideas and have a nice lunch together.
On January 27th Barb N. and I traveled 2 hours north to attend the Washington Chapters Roundtable. Going up north is something we look forward to because we see these sisters just a few times a year. Barb has a niece in a Washington Chapter so it’s fun to see her and our other Washington sisters. Attending this Roundtable was a sister who had recently moved to Washington from Indiana, Jill. Jill is considering starting a new Chapter in Washington, one close to where she lives. Growth in SPG is exciting so we had a lot to talk about. I shared one of my niece’s names with Jill, as a potential member.
This same weekend, Omega Province, located in Florida, held their annual Province weekend. I’ve joined those ladies in Florida so I know they have a fun- filled Province weekend! This year their theme was pirates and their costumes- as seen on Face Book- were fantastic! I could tell they were having a grand time and wished I were with them! Even though I wasn’t, my spirit was lifted by seeing the pictures and videos they shared!
I will miss my own Province weekend this year because as an International Officer, I have an assigned visitation that same weekend. I’ll miss the fun my Province sisters have but I know they will keep me posted with photos and videos so I can remotely share in their fun.
In fact, I have not only one Province visitation, but three! I get to go and join sisters in 3 Provinces around the country for their Province gatherings! I’m looking forward to each visitation; I will better get to know my sisters in each location!
Attending two Roundtables in January and seeing the fun my sisters at Omega’s Province had, boosted my spirits and I’m looking forward with anticipation to my visitations!

Sandy Morris – International Editor

Sandy Morris
International Editor

March to me is an interesting month. You so hope winter is over, however, it can be unusually cold in Indiana in March and we have been known to have ice storms. But hope persists! When John and I were trying to pick a date to get married we chose early March instead of late February. It just seemed like it was more “spring like.” So, when I was talking to by Daughter-in-law about a date for her baby shower and I was explaining to her I only had a couple of weekends free in February due to sorority events, unknowingly she picked the first weekend in March. She said she thought it sounded more like spring! I agreed.
As we look toward March we all hope for Spring and new beginnings and new growth. This is the time when we want to sweep away the debris from winter and refresh and brighten things up! I would like for us to do the same thing within our chapters. I know in my own chapter we get complacent at times and we need to refresh our thoughts regarding our dedication to SPG. Let’s regenerate ourselves to look for new members and to approach potential members with the enthusiasm and love for this organization that it deserves. The responsibility of growing our membership falls on all of us. It is not possible for one person alone to make it happen.
I had one more thing I wanted to share again with you in case you missed it, regarding service, which isn’t my job as an officer however, it crossed my desk as Editor and it stuck with me. It came from Mu Tau chapter in Everett Washington, Maria McCracken, Editor. She shared a quote “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Dr. Martin Luther King, JR.
I close with this, I think we as Sigma Phi Sisters have hearts of grace and we just need to go out and share our love of sorority!

Conducting Effective Meetings – Back to Basics

Meetings, meetings, meetings! I don’t know about the you, but some days I feel like all I get done is go to or participate in meetings! Do you ever feel like you spend so much time in meetings that nothing ever gets done?!? Me too!
As your Sigma Phi Gamma Parliamentarian, may I suggest that when any of us feel that our meetings are no longer productive, we go back to the basics? Robert’s Rules of Order serves our organization, and many others, as the guide for productive and effective methods of conducting the business of the organization.
Did you know that our SPG Rituals book (found on the Documents section of the members only side of the SPG website) contains the order of business for Chapter, Province, and International meetings? The Chapter order of business can be found on page 21, the Province and International follow. This order of business should not only be familiar to the President, but to all members as well. The members of the organization are as responsible to ensure that meetings are effective and productive as the presiding officer. It is our job to participate in the meeting, and to avoid “derailing” the meeting by failing to follow the order of business.
Please remember these important tips for effective meetings:
1. Follow the order of business.
2. Be sure that a quorum is present to address any matter that requires a vote.
3. Items for “action” must be brought to the member body in the form of a motion, properly seconded as needed. No discussion of the matter may take place without a motion!
4. Keep accurate records, the minutes of the meeting are essential to serve as the history of business of the body!
5. Be a responsible, respectful, and engaged member. Effective meetings require active officers, and active members! Listen to the speaker, pay attention to the matters at hand, and be ready to actively participate!
As your Parliamentarian, I am just a phone call or email away to help answer your questions, to give advice, and to translate Robert’s Rules of Order! I relish the challenge of researching your questions and concerns!
Love to all,
Cindy Stath
Alpha Delta Chapter
International Parliamentarian