Portland Has a Lot to Offer!

Portland has the largest wilderness park within the city limits. Forest Park with over 5,000 Square acres. We also have the smallest park 2.5 feet in diameter within the city limits called Mill End Park.

We have the world’s largest independently owned bookstore, Powell’s Book in downtown Portland.

We have over 700 food courts through out the city and have been named the best city in the world for street food. I hope you get a change to try some.

We have great Saturday Market, and close to the Hotel on the Washington side, Easter Shore Park, they have a Saturday Market as well.

The Portland zoo.

Omsi Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Art Museums.

Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens.

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Were you can see the Spruce Goose, Built entirely of wood due to wartime restrictions on metals.

We will have pamphlets at the Hotel with more things to see and do, and if your taking any of the TOURS you’ll get to see lots of what Portland has to offer!


Stanford’s Restaurant & Bar:  $$ · American, Contemporary American chain serving steak, sushi, pizza & pub grub, plus cocktails & local beers.

12200 N Parker Ave

Happy hour food – Late-night food – Comfort food

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse:   $$ · Restaurant, Family-friendly chain outpost pairs familiar pub fare with an extensive list of house brews.

12105 N Center Ave

Happy hour food – Late-night food – Happy hour drinks

Boomers:   $ · Barbecue, Unassuming restaurant offering long-smoked BBQ, plus burgers, booze & breakfast in a casual space.

1335 N Hayden Island Dr

Happy hour food Late-night food Happy hour drinks

Panera Bread:   $$ · Sandwich,Counter-serve bakery/cafe chain serving sandwiches, salads & more, known for its bread & free WiFi.

1400 N Tomahawk Island Dr

Reservations required- Breakfast – Outdoor Seating

Original Joe’s:  Unfussy outpost for simple American eats like sandwiches & handful of Asian-influenced bento boxes.

1321 N Hayden Island Dr

Late-night food – Comfort food – Breakfast

La Quebrada Taqueria:   Mexican

11980 N Jantzen Dr

Comfort food – Small plates – Quick bite

My Granddaughter is Turning Sixteen – Linda Bullington, International Service Secretary

My granddaughter is turning sixteen!
This birthday is a milestone, she’s excited to be getting her drivers license! The car her mom bought for her has been parked out front for months, now she’ll be able to drive herself places & have freedom from relying on others to get her places.
As one of her chauffeurs I’m dreading this newly earned freedom. I enjoyed shuttling her to school in the morning, & back & forth to softball practice, it was a way for just her & I to have a few minutes of together time. I liked catching up with what was going on in her life during our drives. You know teenagers, they stay in their rooms with the door shut must of the time when they’re at home & it’s sometimes hard to keep involved in their activities.
I can’t help but reminisce on times of joy I’ve gotten to share in on as a part of her life in years past.
I didn’t want to be called grandma, I thought I rather liked Grammie so that’s the name I was hoping my grand kids would call me.
As Bailey began to talk she heard her mom call my parents grandma & grandpa so that’s what they became to her as well. We knew she could say g sounds but for some reason Grammie didn’t happen… Bailey started calling me Mammie…needless to say I took some ribbing from friends on that & raised more than a few eyebrows of strangers when they heard it…When someone questions it I just say-as long as my grand kids say it with love, they can call me any name they want.
There was the time I came into my daughters home & Bailey was upstairs, I stood at the bottom of the stairs & yelled up-where’s my granddaughter?- she came running down stairs yelling- here I is Mammie – & at about 4 stairs from the bottom she launched herself into my arms! Its a good thing she was just 3 and was an easy catch!
Once I had cut my long straight hair short & it was curled, Bailey pointed to my head & asked- what’s that?- I asked -what’s what? She said- that- again pointing to my head so I leaned down & asked her to show what she was asking about, she touched my hair & asked- are you a lady Mammie?
In order to give her parents a date night, for a long while I had Bailey spend every Friday night with me. We would walk to school & sing a Friday song we’d heard on the radio- Monday is a bummer, Tuesday’s only fair, Wednesday’s gettin’ better, Thursdays almost there, but Friday, Friday, Friday is our favorite day! & she would add-cuz I get to stay at my Mammie’s house! I really missed it when Fridays at my house changed to spending the night with friends instead.
As Bailey continued to age she came into new areas of interest. She plays softball and is very talented in drawing, she likes K pop music-Korean pop bands- so decided to try & learn Korean on her own. She’s smart & beautiful & yes, I AM biased. I love my granddaughter more than any other grandma/Mammie ever!
As I sit here writing this blog, tears of love are streaming down my face. I’m looking forward to sharing in many years of birthdays for Bailey & sharing in all life brings her way! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY! I love you!
at a recent Pink concert.at the play Pinkalicious
My beautiful granddaughter!

When You Do It – Deb Juracich, International President

When You Do It
Ralph Marston
The work will be done when you do it. The problem will be solved when you solve it.
The money will be yours when you earn it. The skill will be yours when you learn it.
It’s not magic that creates the good and desirable things in life. It is focused, committed, persistent effort.
If you want life to improve in some particular way, then do the improving, be the improver. Jump to your feet and make it happen.
Skip straight past the wishing, begging, agonizing, theorizing, and wondering when the situation will get better. Step up, take action, and keep at it until you get the results you’re after.
You know what makes a difference, what brings value to life, and you know you can do it. So go ahead, without further hesitation, and get it done. — Ralph Marston (www.greatday.com)

As I read the poem above as presented by The Daily Motivator, it got me thinking. Let’s view this poem from a Sigma Phi Gamma perspective:
Finding new members will be done when you do it!
It is not magic that creates new friends and memories in SPG. It is focused, committed, persistent effort.
If you want to improve SPG in some particular way, then do the improving, be the improver. Jump to your feet and make it happen.
Let’s skip straight past the wishing, begging, agonizing, theorizing, and wondering if SPG will be around in a few years. Step up, take action, and keep at it until you get the results you’re after.
Each lovely SPG Sister makes a difference, knows what value SPG bring to life. Just do it! Go ahead, without further hesitation and get it done!
Let’s do it!