It’s A Small, Small World! By Linda Bullington, International Organizer

I was recently enjoying some family time, sharing a delicious breakfast of homemade Dutch baby pancakes with fresh berries and sitting outside on a beautiful sunny morning.  The conversation went around the table with each family member catching the rest of us up with what had been going on in their lives since we were together last.

When my turn came, of course I told them all about our recent International Convention.  As I was telling them about events that had occurred, my brother-in-law said, “I wonder if this is the same sorority as the one my Mom was in?” I said “Oh, probably not.  We are a friendship & community service sorority, not a scholastic one.” He got up and went inside for a moment and when he came back out he had two photo albums with him.

Imagine my surprise when I opened them to see SPG pictures from the mid 50’s & 60’s!  I actually got goosebumps and it was a warm summer day!  His Mom had been a sorority sister!  In fact, I had been a member while she was still living!  His Mom was International President, Audrey Yancey – 1955/56!

I enjoyed browsing through the albums.  There were photos of our 5 Life Founders-some of the photos I don’t remember having seen before!  Seeing names I recognized – Joan Dahl, Beverlee Herder, Marjorie Greene.  Of course, the sisters in the photographs were much younger than the sisters I knew/know now.

It was nice to read the articles and see how we still do some things the same now as back in those days.  I also wondered what those ladies would think about the advances we’ve made since then.

On a few photos they identified a sister as Mesdame John Herder.  It took me a moment to figure that out…back in the day, women were an extension of their husband.  I remember my Mom using Mrs. Rodney Taylor.  Funny how time changes some things, I never was Mrs. Someone, even when I was married! – LOL

Jay, my brother-in-law, said he will keep a few photos from the albums when he’s had time to go through them one last time, then he’ll give the rest to me to pass on to our archives!

You never know how, when or where you’ll meet a sorority sister, cuz it’s, A Small, Small World!