IROC Convention Memories From Betty McClure and Donna Collins

As we prepare for the 2019 International Convention in Wichita, Kansas, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on conventions of the past.  Betty McClure and I are sharing a few memories with you:

Betty shared that her favorite convention was in Indianapolis, Indiana – June 24-28, 1992.  Betty was serving as International President.  Ferne Palmer Schick and Violet Pettit Tindall were in attendance.  Betty remembered that Ferne and Violet both really wanted to go to Founders’ Park, but they didn’t want to travel there on the bus.  So, Betty and her husband Dick drove them to the park by car.  Upon arrival, Violet and Ferne walked around and lounged a bit on the Founders’ Bench.  They both had a really nice time.

My favorite convention was held in Columbus in 2016.  Gamma Province was the host and I was co-chair of the convention along with Deb Juracich.  Like every Province, we worked more than a year on every detail.  It was hard work and so much fun.  So many Sisters stepped up and did us proud.  Because Deb and I were also on International Council–the day the convention began we relinquished our chair responsibilities to Linda Johnson (Xi Xi Chapter) and Gwen Toth (Mu Beta Chapter).  Wendie McKnelly was our presiding officer that year and the rest of the Council was: Donna Collins, Vice President; Joyce Berkey, Organizer; Jill Pyclik, Service Secretary; Jan Beeker, Editor; Deb Juracich, Historian; and Liz Cochrane, Counselor.  It was such an honor to be elected International President for the 2016-2017 year, and the bonus was my Province–Gamma Province–was the convention host in our hometown!  Wow, what an honor.

What was your favorite International Convention?  Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us about your convention memories!

Many IROC Sisters had the good fortune to know and spend time with one or more of the Founders.  Betty McClure became close to Violet.  During the 75th Founders’ Day Celebration on August 27, 1995, Violet was the honoree.  Colleen Keller was International President, Robin Pelton was Upsilon Province President, and Betty was a Past International President.  The celebration was held in Fairfield making it easier for Violet to attend.  Colleen presented Violet with her 75th Year Member pin, Robin shared a video, and Betty presented the Candlelight Service.  The following year on January 27, 1996, Violet installed Xi Delta Chapter.  Wow, what wonderful memories!

      This is what we loved about Violet

V   Violet – Vivacious, Vibrant as a spring day

 I    Inspirational, spiritual, a moral leader

O   Openness to ideas and progress

L    Love and friendship ever true

E   Enchanting as a precious pearl

T   Tender and delicate, the Violet we love

      by Delta Nu Chapter, Chico, California

   Violet, Betty, and Ferne

   Betty, Violet, and Ferne

   Violet Pettit Tindal

   Ferne Palmer Schick

   Betty McClure

   Donna Collins

I get by with a little help from my friends by Debbie Henize, International Historian

I am by nature, a very independent person.  I was the first person in my family to go away to college.  I packed my things and moved three hours away and I knew no one.  I bought my first home on my own.  I lived there by myself for 6 years before meeting and marrying my husband.  I suspect that many of you are that way too!  It is not a bad thing but …

Isn’t it funny how there is always a but?  I need to keep myself in check because I don’t have to do it all myself.  I have friends.  Just like you, I have hundreds of Sisters who know more than I do and are willing to help.  

As you probably know, I have been inputting pictures in the new directory and hit a roadblock.  I didn’t ask for help, I just kept trying.  A dear Sister sent me an email with the pictures of her chapter for the directory.  I, of course, thanked her and proceeded to post the pictures to the directory.  In our conversation, she shared with me how she got the pictures.  It was like a light bulb went off.  Why had I not thought of that?  Now I know how to get the pictures from the old directory into the new one.  If I had only asked for help, I would have saved a great deal of time.

I keep learning more and more about our wonderful organization.  Even more important are the people I am getting to know and depend upon.  We all need each other and there are many more lovely women out there who need us as much as we need them.