Things I Love by Robin Pelton, International Counselor

I have a shirt that I really like.  On the front of it is the saying “Say YES to things you love.”  I was wearing it the other day and a stranger who was walking by said, “I like your shirt.”  I glanced down at the front of my shirt (like we all do when we get a compliment and forgot what we’re wearing…) and it got me thinking…

What DO I love that I say YES to?  So I decided to list them, in no particular order:


Spending time with my husband, my enormous and awesome family, and my wonderful friends

Sigma Phi Gamma – and all of the Sisters that are attached to our organization

Volunteering in my community



The beach


Reading a good book

Rich, hot coffee in the morning






New clothes, shoes, purses, etc., etc.


Board games

Puzzle games on the computer

Clean sheets

Baby snuggles

Sunshine and warm days

A good whiskey (tee-hee!)

There are many more things I love, but I figured this is a glimpse of my favorites for you.  What do YOU love?  I hope you say YES to them all the time!