The decorations are packed away. The New Year’s Resolution is already been broken… that’s ok, don’t lose any sleep over it, you had the best of intentions at the time…
Now, while you’re inside due to the cold of winter, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the major events you’ve had in the past year. Are there photos that need to be printed or organized? Maybe a scrapbook or online book to create? It’s the perfect time to work on those kinds of projects.
Pictures help us remember events. Too often, we take the pictures but don’t ever do anything with them. Most of us have a box of forgotten photos, they never made it into an album or book where they could be viewed and enjoyed, they’re just taking up space in some closet, forgotten and unappreciated…
Can you easily look back on the history of your family or special times with your friends? Make now is the time you, “take the bull by the horns”, and start to work on preserving those moments. These days, it’s so easy to download your photos and create an online book and there are always discounts to help make it less costly. Check out Groupon in your area, they’re a good place to save on pricing.
Looking through the finished project you’ll be glad you took the time to organize and preserve your history! You’ll have a History Book to browse through at your leisure, to share and enjoy, and you’ll be doing away with stored items at the same time! “Two birds with one stone!”

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