CHAPTER BYLAW REVISIONS – Robin Pelton, International Vice President

Hello Sisters! I am working on reviewing and approving your proposed Chapter bylaw revisions that are due to me by December 1. So far I am impressed at the timeliness and the dedication to following instructions that I am seeing. Great job!
After looking at quite a few (though not all) Chapters’ bylaws, I did notice that many of you have a section regarding proposed Bylaw changes being submitted on the Annual Bylaw Report Form. Since we are no longer using this form, you will need to revise your Chapter bylaws to reflect this. However, it is not an urgent change, and I do understand that.
This is just a quick “head’s up” that you will need to change this next year when ALL Chapters review and resubmit complete Chapter bylaws.
Here’s hoping your Holidays are Blessed!!

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