Holiday Memories from Sandy Morris – International Editor

It’s funny the things you look back on now as an adult and see them differently than you did as a child.  I have many memories of my Dad, but there are some that stand out more than others. He was a good Dad, not perfect, few of us are. He loved to teach us things, which as kid I didn’t really “get.”  However, my Mom was the one who had a plan, she would stay home and clean house and have time to herself while Dad would take all of us kids out on a Saturday morning and we would run his “errands” with him.  His errands usually including stopping by the pet store to look at the animals. He would take us to the stamp store to look at and maybe purchase some old stamps for his collection. On nice days we would go to the train museum in Louisville and learn about the trains, and get to climb on them and explore the train cars. And a Saturday wouldn’t be complete without stopping by and visiting with his Dad, our Grandpa. Now I see how much he taught me and I didn’t even know it!
On occasion my Dad would decide to cook. He had a few “specialties,” that we enjoyed. The best thing he made was his Chili. But during the Holidays he would make these cookies. I have no idea what the recipe is or really what they are called, but if you mention those” little yellow cookies with the brown edges,” every one of us will know immediately what you are talking about. With five kids the best thing about that recipe is that it made a lot of cookies! Another memory I have is the time he and mom decided to make donuts. I think they made donuts ALL day long, talk about a lot of donuts! They just kept coming, it was funny to watch, I remember my parents laughing at all the donuts.
In later years he continued his culinary attempts with many different recipes, not the everyday meals, but the special treats that would give him a challenge. Always learning! A good example!

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  1. Beautiful memories! At our house we had no fireplace to put up our stockings. We had a rocking chair near the hot air vent. Mom told us Santa knew this and every year our stockings were full! I guess mom and he had talked about this!

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