December 2017 – Donna Collins International Counselor

As part of my quest to attend to my own needs and growth I’ve been reading a couple of new books and lots of articles about deep and meaningful relationships. The book I’m reading now is by Deborah Tannen, You’re the Only One I Can Tell. She’s written many books including: You Were Always Mom’s Favorite!, You’re Wearing That! Understanding Mothers and Daughters; The Argument Culture: Stopping America’s War of Words; and several more.
In You’re the Only One I Can Tell there are a couple of sub-chapters that are quite interesting: FOBLO: Fear Of Being Left Out; FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out; and FOGKO: Fear of Getting Kicked Out. Who knew there were such fears and that they have their own acronyms.
As a Sigma Phi Gamma Sister I was instantly relieved that FOBLO and FOGKO are not a part of our vocabulary! And, as for FOMO – we are guilty of this – and that’s why we never want to miss a Chapter or Province meeting or International Convention, but not for the reasons someone outside sorority would imagine. We have FOMO because we know not being present means we’re missing out on fun, laughter, stories, service, and fellowship.
This month we’ll celebrate with our Sisters by giving gifts, sharing a meal, and giving to others – we won’t miss out! In 2018 we’ll participate in Chapter meetings, service, and planning – we won’t miss out! In the first few months of the year we will participate in our Province meeting conducting business, learning new things, having healthy discussions, and there will be lots of fellowship – we won’t miss out.
Next summer we’ll travel to Portland, Oregon for the annual International Convention where we’ll conduct business (updates, financial reports, bylaw deliberations, election of officers, and discussions and learning opportunities), sale and buy sorority related materials at the SPG Market Place, visit new destinations through the planned tours, and celebrate the successes of Sisters attending their first convention, and applauding those Sisters earning their 25/50/75 year member recognitions! We won’t miss out!
I’m so glad that I belong to an organization that doesn’t have to worry about some of the fears that exist out in the world. We are, after all, one in Friendship, Service, and Community – Sigma Phi Gamma!

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