From Debbie Henize International Historian

Hello Sisters! I am writing this post from an American Eagle plane headed to Cincinnati returning from Omega Province. What a great experience!
I was a little intimidated when I saw so many current and past International Officers in attendance. Talk about pressure!! They were all so kind and helpful and encouraging.
Nu Nu Chapter of Omega Province hosted a fabulous annual meeting. They had all the details covered and hosted 78 people at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Tampa. I saw a lot of familiar faces but also a great deal of new faces. I made new friendships and I am so grateful for how comfortable they made me feel. As I told them, I felt like I was home. My roommates, the Omega Province Council, were fantastic and did not even mention my snoring.
Thank you to Sharon Hilton who helped me do Facebook Live. I didn’t realize how easy it was. I am not a great photographer but it was nice to see that so many sisters from across the country commented on our post. Lambda Province next weekend is your turn. Let’s see if you ladies can post also. I would love to see you all enjoying yourselves.
The encouragement and help that I received was amazing. Although I am a little tired, I am excited to go again. I can not wait to visit Kappa Province in Kansas.
All my love,
Debbie Henize

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your first Province meeting as VIO. Province Meetings are a great opportunity to get to know Sisters!

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