Summertime Reflections – Debbie Henize

Welcome to the heat! Based on my local news this heat wave is pretty much nationwide. I think even Canada is warmer than normal. As a reminder, I am in Ohio. Our heat index today reached 106. This may not sound bad to my friends in Nevada or Florida, but to wimpy me, heat is a big deal. The good thing is that it gives me time, in air conditioning, for my sorority work. I am sitting in my recliner, daughter at my left, with my computer and a to-do list.
I am reflecting on our time together in Portland. As my first year as an International Officer has ended, I would like to thank the membership for their support. I could not begin to thank each of you individually for your well wishes, cards and love. But, I do want each of you to know that your acts of kindness are appreciated much more than I can explain. During many tough times in my life, I have found the kindness of a sister has helped to pull me through. Thank you all for being Sigma Phi Gamma Sisters. Be good to one another and continue to support our communities.

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