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As I relax in my easy chair I find myself reflecting on the sorority friendship connections made stronger through Facebook. I’ve just scrolled through and made comments on several sisters’ posts. One sister just became a grandma! She’s sad because she missed being present for the birth because her granddaughter was born a week early. Thankful that all went well with the delivery. And joyful that she’ll see her new granddaughter very soon. Another sister is home with strep throat. She works out at a gym faithfully, so I know her down time is driving her crazy. One sister is touring in my area. She and her husband went to a tourist site I haven’t been to yet, and I’ve lived here for 40 years. Yet another sister is vacationing in Key West. Quite a switch in scenery from her home base mid country. I enjoy staying connected to my sorority sisters through their FB posts. Because we are spread all over the United States and Canada, FB helps us keep in touch. We share both the joys & sadnesses of everyday life. At times we add a quick emoticon while other post draw out a thoughtful or compassionate response. Sometimes our posts include a joke or pretty scenery, but what really counts is that we stay connected. When I meet up with my FB sisters in person, it’s like we’ve enjoyed some of life’s journey together, despite living across the county from each other. So until we meet next time, know that I’ll be seeing your posts.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Sisters – Linda Bullington”

  1. Linda, I agree with your reflections here. I too know each Sister you mentioned in your BUDDIE Blog post. It made me smile and think about the connections person to person but also Chapter to Chapter and Province to Province … all connected because we are SPG Sisters. Together we are celebrating, sending love, praying, and staying connected.

    Together we are one in friendship, service, and community – Sigma Phi Gamma!

    Love in SPG,

  2. Hi Linda, This year for the first time the Zeta service touched me in a very personal way. I had always felt the connection and emotion of the service but this year one of the names mentioned was a mentor and personal friend, not someone I met only at Province or International.
    I love and appreciate all my sisters and I’m sending out much love to each and everyone. Let’s keep SPG alive, let’s stay connected so that we know our sisters and hear their names all the time, not only in Zeta service.

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