The Honor Of Being A Pledge Mistress – Jill Pyclik

Serving as Pledge Mistress is a very important role for our sorority. The Pledge Mistress is the first person a Pledge will meet to really explain in depth about our sorority and describe the love that we as Sisters have for it. I can remember my Pledge Mistress, can you?

As I think back to the time when I was a Pledge, I still remember how I felt. Do you remember the feelings you had as a Pledge? Did you have feelings of anticipation in knowing that something exciting is about to happen? I sure did. Were you nervous? Did you giggle a little? Or did you smile a lot because you didn’t know what to do as you waited anxiously for the time of the Pledge Service to come? Those feelings remain with all of us forever.

As Marshal, I had the honor of standing with Tori while she waited to become a Pledge at International this year. It was a very exciting time for us because of the legacy that Tori brings to our sorority. The Pledge Service went well and Tori was thrilled to become a Pledge. And then we witnessed Ebony follow and take the Pledge of Friendship, virtually. Ebony lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and couldn’t be with us in person. But, through modern technology Ebony was able to join into the Pledge Service in real time.

The Pledge Service is now behind Tori and Ebony. Both ladies are eager to start down the path of study to learn more about Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority. I am pleased to serve as their Pledge Mistress. It’s an honor to guide our Pledges and share in their excitement. My thoughts easily take me back to the days when I too was a Pledge.

This is an exciting time for Virtual Chapter and also for all of Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority. I am happy to serve as Pledge Mistress for our new Virtual Chapter Pledges. Going forward I look to all of my Sisters to help guide and mentor, not only the two virtual Pledges, but each and every future Pledge of Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority. Will you take on the important role as Pledge Mistress for your Chapter? I hope you have the Honor of being a Pledge Mistress too.

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