A Way To Remain An Active Sister by Diana Horn

I recently learned that my former Beta Omega Chapter in Dayton, Ohio, became an Alumna Chapter. Beta Omega was down to just five members and struggled to keep their Chapter active for the last several years. This makes me very sad because in the past, Beta Omega had been a strong and vital Chapter in Tau Province.

Sometimes when an older Chapter loses members (many to Zeta) it’s a challenge to keep active. But what about those Alumna members that continue to have the capacity and desire to do more? I suggest they consider having their membership reinstated to active status as a virtual member of Sigma Phi Gamma. Contact your Province Organizer and ask where there is a Chapter that provides remote members access to meetings via electronic means. If your Province Organizer does not have an answer, then contact your Area Expansion Member. Your AEX Member will be able to recommend the best Chapter to remain an active member in Sigma Phi Gamma.

It’s really not hard to stay connected. I’ve been in Indiana all summer. That’s nearly 1000 miles away from my Xi Rho Chapter in Florida. Yet, I’ve been able to attend my Chapter’s business meetings using an internet connection. I log on and suddenly I’m in the meeting. I answer to roll call and participate in turn, as I do when I attend in person. It’s great to stay connected with my Sisters, to see their faces, participate in the chatter, and be energized by our ongoing projects. I want that vital active connection for my dear Beta Omega Sisters and any Alumna Sister who desires to be an active member in our wonderful sorority. Please consider virtual participation as an option to remain an active member of Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority.

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