Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste – Donna Collins, Past International President

I’m writing today as I watch the national news to keep an eye on our Sisters in California who are literally being burned out of their homes.  As I pray, wring my hands, send messages, scan Facebook, and try to figure out how to help I kept thinking about the phrase made famous by Churchill or some other person I can’t remember at the moment – Never let a crisis go to waste.
We have an opportunity to do more than pray!  While we sit comfortably in our living rooms let’s make a pact right now – really, right now:
I will make a donation to disaster relief in California that is meaningful.
I will talk to my Sisters at our next Chapter meeting and we will take action to do something that will assist the tens of thousands of people who no longer have homes, personal belongings, clothes, books, or treasures.
I will call a Sister in my Chapter who hasn’t been active of late and ask for her help too – maybe by starting a collection site for gift cards and money that can go to those in need.
And, I’ll even make this an opportunity to let women I know who are not members – know that we are looking out for our Sisters in California and invite them to participate. What better way to demonstrate the power of our motto: Together we are one in Friendship, Service, and Community – Sigma Phi Gamma!
I’m sure you have lots of ideas on how to help.  Share those with us so that we can support the work you want to do on behalf of the latest crisis in California.  We’re Sigma Phi Gamma Sisters and we are always looking for opportunities to help – let’s not let this crisis go untouched by Sigma Phi Gamma members.

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