Fall brings many changes – by Linda Bullington, International Organizer

Once you’ve mowed the lawn for the last time, raked all the leaves, packed away the lawn furniture and any other yard related chores you do at the end of the season, it frees up a lot of your time.  As the weather becomes colder, wetter, snowy or gloomy, we tend to stay indoors more.  This is the perfect time to ramp up your efforts to recruit new members for SPG!  Invite your non-sorority friends to do something together, something you know they enjoy.  While you are together, share the joy of recent sorority events you’ve been involved with.  Make it apparent how much joy and fulfillment you receive from participating in SPG events.  Make them wish they could share in the events too!  (because they can… if you invite them…)  Take it as slow as they need to go, so you don’t scare them away.  Or if they are all about speed, rush them right on in!  Be the best representation of SPG you can be when you are around non-SPG friends or relatives.  Smiling, happy and helpful are examples of what you should share.  Your Chapter Organizer, Province Organizer, AEX team and International Organizer look to you for leads on potential ladies to welcome into SPG.  We need your help in locating prospective members to cultivate into actual SPG members. The success of SPG begins with you!  Our sorority survival depends on you helping bring new members in!  You can help keep SPG viable for years to come!

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