An Exciting Day in SPG History! By Linda Bullington, International Organizer

December 9, 2018, was an exciting day in SPG History!  It was on that day that our first Virtual Group became an Active Chapter!  Before today, they were a Petitioning Group.  They are now Omicron Epsilon Chapter!  They are 11 women scattered across the country, who come together via an electronic connection, to have monthly meetings and socials.  They work on community service projects, pay Per Capita, LFHF, and FP assessments just like the rest of us.
Coming together via electronic connection works for them.  They may have moved or simply reside in an area where we don’t currently have an Active Chapter.  Maybe they don’t have consistent transportation available.  Or perhaps find connecting online the best option for their lifestyle.  But each of them wants to be involved in service to their community and are looking for friendship.  SPG provides opportunities for both service and friendship.
The Installation of the new Chapter was the first ritual performed. Next came the Initiation Service for four ladies who have been learning about sorority and are now our newest Sisters!   After Initiation came the Installation of Chapter Officers and then it was all official!  Four beautiful new Sisters.  Three Sisters with their memberships reinstated.  Three Sisters transferred their memberships, one from an Alumna Chapter.   At least two members are hoping to maintain a dual membership with their previous Chapters – more on that later.
Omicron Epsilon Chapter members have been individually assigned to the Province closest to their address.  So while Omicron Epsilon is one Chapter, the 11 members currently belong to 8 Provinces.
Please welcome Omicron Epsilon Sisters to your Province Meetings.  Invite them to Roundtable and  Chapter socials.   Send them your Province newsletters.  Include them so they grow to feel a part of SPG by meeting other Sisters in their regions.
It was exciting to witness and participate in this event!  A big thank you to Girl Responsible, Sharon Hilton, for her diligent efforts in making Virtual Chapter a reality!
Have a GREAT first year Sisters of Omicron Epsilon!  Your 1,200 Sisters can’t wait to meet you in person!
Hugs in SPG,
International Organizer

8 thoughts on “An Exciting Day in SPG History! By Linda Bullington, International Organizer”

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing our newest Chapter into the SPG family. I remember when this idea first came to the International Council’s table by Cindy Stath several years ago. A Virtual Chapter Study Group was formed and reported to the membership (2016-2017) – this group was led by Joyce Berkey, former International Organizer. Next was the opportunity to ‘try it out’ when Deb Juracich appointed Sharon Hilton as the Virtual Chapter Chair (2017-2018). And now this sorority year (2018-2019) we have our first Virtual Chapter with active members, officers, and all that goes with it! Welcome to our new and transferring SPG members who lead Omicron Epsilon Chapter. Congratulations also to the newly elected officers!

    It really does take a strong and stick-to-it group of women to do a job and do it well. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in the services described by Linda Bullington in her BUDDIE Blog post. Together we are one in Friendship, Service, and Community – Sigma Phi Gamma!

  2. Welcome girls !! I joined when I was 18 yrs of age. It has been a wonderful bunch of girls to be around. We work hard and we party hard, and we have FUN. I have now been in 55 years, and still love it. I am in Epsilon Chapter, Alpha Province. Will be attending Omega Province meeting in Florida. Hope to see some of you at International. Love in SPG

  3. Great article, Linda! It was very exciting to be a part of SPG cutting-edge events! Seeing so many Sisters on the computer screen at once (and we couldn’t even see them ALL), I kept thinking, “WOW! This is surreal!” So much fun!

  4. I love how a “seed” of an idea that came to me in the shower, shared over a breakfast table and thrown out as “what if” has grown and bloomed into a new Chapter! It took all of us to nurture this idea to reality. What an exciting time for Sigma Phi Gamma!

    1. Cindy,

      I think you ‘hit the nail on the head.’ It took all of us (a great group of women) to generate an idea, think about possibilities, take a chance, study, share ideas, work hard at trying to make it work, and having the heart to see it through to reality. Imagine if we, as a membership, approached everyday membership recruitment with the same amount of heart!!

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