Share SPG so we can grow!!! by Debbie Henize, International Historian

January is the time for thinking of new beginnings and starting over.  But for Sigma Phi it is the time to start thinking of Province Meetings.  Our Province Officers are working hard to get ready.  Some of these Officers are nervous because it is their first time serving.  Others are veterans ready to help.  No matter in what capacity we are serving, we are all here to serve our Sigma Phi Sisters and our communities.  

As I think about what Sigma Phi means to me, I think back at one of my early Province meetings.  Liz Oleksak was our visiting International Officer.  This is Liz Cochran for those of you who may not know.  She taught us how to say her name phonically.  Just a small thing but a big memory.  I remember thinking about how I could do that someday.   (I mean serve on Council, not sound out her name.)  In my early years in Sigma Phi many Officers and members were much older than I was and sometimes I wondered how I fit in, especially at International.  Liz was a young face and someone that I could relate to.  Liz probably never knew how she influenced me many years ago.  You may be that person to someone else.  Find that new face in the crowd and sit down with them.  Share your love of Sigma Phi with current and potential Sisters.  It may make a big difference to someone.  It did to me.

You probably have your own fond memories of Province time with your Sisters.  Many of your Sisters would love to hear your stories of what sorority has meant to you.  Potential members might find your stories interesting as well.  Please share them in a Blog post or at your next social events.  The more we share sorority the more we grow.

4 thoughts on “Share SPG so we can grow!!! by Debbie Henize, International Historian”

  1. Love that Liz made such a positive impact on you, Debbie! Liz is fabulous.

    Marcia Hynus made that kind of impact on me. And so many other Sisters across the country continue to inspire and make us all better women.

    1. Funny, I remember Debbie teaching everyone how to pronounce her last name at Omega Province last year.

  2. Funny how it’s the one chance, an odd connection that can make such a difference in how we see things and then be a change to help those around us. It causes us to grow and like a pebble in a calm lake, a ripple effect.

  3. Oh Debbie thank you for those kind words. I was very fortunate to have served on Council with some very wonderful women who care about Sigma Phi Gamma. I learned so much from so many of them! Keep up the good work and thank you for serving on International!

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