I love being a Sister in Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority, by Pat Herweg

My biological Sister is in heaven…she has been there for over 18 years BUT I have many Sisters that I can rely on.  Being part of Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority has been rewarding as it has been both emotional and sustaining for me.

I joined SPG 10 years ago.  I have not met a group of women who have been more loving, compassionate, and understanding.  They have supported me and encouraged me as a Sister.  We laugh, cry, complain, and argue together…but always with respect for one another.  

Our Chapter meets twice a month.   I so look forward to the time we spend together.  We work for the good of the community, which makes us better people…it is an amazing feeling.  

Last year we tried a new event, a Tea Party.  All my Chapter Sisters were so supportive.  Each took up a job and kept at it.  There was not a dishwasher at our location, and we used glass dishes for all 70 guests.  When one Sister’s back or legs gave out, a cry went up “CHANGE,” and another Sister stepped in to keep the clean dishes coming.  Everyone worked together to make our first Tea Party a huge success.  It was wonderful and heartwarming!  Now it will be an annual event.  That is why I love being a Sister in Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority.

Pat Herweg

Eta Sigma Chapter (Buffalo, NY), Omicron Province President

5 thoughts on “I love being a Sister in Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority, by Pat Herweg”

  1. Pat,
    Thank you for sharing. I am proud of you and your Chapter Sisters. Glad that you are my Sister too!!

    Debbie Henize

  2. Dear Pat, I love that your earthly Sisters take care of one another. SPG brings out the best in all of us.

    A Tea Party event sounds fun. I’d love to know more about how it worked and who attended. It must have been fabulous since it is now an annual event.

    So glad we’re Sisters!


  3. Pat.
    Thanks for the beautiful comments on Sisterhood, You are a true Sister and are always there for each member of Eta Sigma, being one of the first to volunteer or to help a Sister with a project. You have a positive influence in our Sorority as well as in our Omicron Province. Thanks for being a caring, loving Sister.

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