SPG Mantra – positive, welcoming, friendly & helpful! By Linda Bullington, International Organizer

Growing up in a military family means moving regularly.  You get to a new location rarely knowing anyone, so you start from scratch finding friends.  Most military families have multiple kids so that’s a plus in helping to attract others.  A family having fun is like a magnet- others notice & want to join in.  Do you think this works for sorority too?  You bet it does!

When you’re in a public place do you remember that others can see and hear you?  Do you seem positive, welcoming, friendly & helpful?  Or, do you complain, vent frustration and seem closed off?

In order for SPG to continue far into our second hundred years, we as members must find ways to increase our membership.

Attrition is beginning to hit our sorority hard.  Sisters are aging & feeling the effects of aging.  Inactive, Alumna & Zeta memberships are rising.  The results of attrition mean we have fewer viable members.  It’s harder to be successful with fewer members to spread the word of SPG.

Our communities need the care & help we provide.  We need the friendship and sisterhood we are accustomed to enjoying.

Look for ways to grow your Chapter, so you can continue enjoying SPG & so SPG continues for our communities & us! 

Finding new members will allow your Chapter to thrive.  New members will bring new ideas to try.  Be open-minded about new ideas and give them a try.  Just because they’ve been tried & didn’t work in the past doesn’t mean they won’t succeed this time, “For the times they are a changin’!” & you must change to keep up with them!

Remember- positive, welcoming, friendly & helpful, make it your new mantra!

2 thoughts on “SPG Mantra – positive, welcoming, friendly & helpful! By Linda Bullington, International Organizer”

  1. Thanks for the great reminders, Linda! We need to be ever mindful of how we are acting, communicating and presenting ourselves and SPG when we are in any public venue. Just the wrong slip could be heard by a lady very much interested in SPG and that could change her mind and possibly how she then communicates with other women about SPG.

    1. Thanks Barbara! We’re all human, we all have slips. If we try our best to be positive, positivity is contagious & that’s what will keep us going!

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