Learning From Little Ones by Robin Pelton, International President

One thing I have learned in all of my years as a teacher is that, though I teach my students A LOT of things, they also teach me. 

The other day one of my students was “Super Hero” for the day. That meant he was my helper and had to do some tasks.  All of my students love to be the teacher’s helper, and he is no exception.  The thing is, this is my SLOOOOOOOWWWWEST student.  Really!!  So when he is my helper, I know that I have to BREATHE, bite my tongue, and keep reminding myself to be patient.  (WHAT?!?!  WE HAVE TIMELINES!!!  HOW IS EVERYTHING GOING TO GET DONE???? –This is what goes on in my mind…)

So when I announced his name, with a huge smile on his face, he VEEEERRRY SLOOOOOWWWLY got up from the carpet and ambled towards me for the ceremony of putting on the “Super Hero” cape.  He then proceeded to VEEEEEEERY SLOOOOOOWWWLY  and methodically, with many hesitations, lead our morning opening routine with all of the students.

As I took a deep breathe (or three), I thought about this precious little boy.  He is always cheerful, always kind, he loves to learn, and he is just absolutely adorable.  He takes life slowly and enjoys each minute while it lasts.  I need to do that more.  Slow down, enjoy the little things and live in the moment.

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