Omicron Province Weekend by Pat Herweg

I came home from Omicron Province weekend and took a two-hour nap!  It was much needed as everyone had so much fun, and good business was conducted.  Beta Alpha Chapter was a superb host.  Whatever we needed or wanted was there for us.

New Sisters were in attendance at Omicron Province weekend.  And what joy new Sisters bring.  Such life and energy they breathe into our Province.  After the business meeting, the conference room was turned into Churchill Downs for the running of the 90th Omicron Kentucky Derby.  What fun!

I was fortunate enough to spend time with a wonderful woman that I have only seen from afar, VIO Renee Chenault.  Renee was my roomie for the weekend.  The kindness Renee showed all of us was wonderful.  She made it a point to talk and get to know as many Sisters as possible in the limited time she had with us.  Renee added to the meeting with grace and brevity.  She saw needs and graciously helped us through them.  All Renee’s Derby winnings were returned to the Host Chapter, and she donated her 50/50 winnings to our meager Province account.  It was my honor as outgoing President to spend time with Renee.

On a practical note, my house was cleaned as part of my preparations for Omicron Province weekend…Renee spent the first night of her visit as a guest in my home.

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  1. Time spent with our sorority sisters is the best! Province & International bring us together in sisterhood & friendship!

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