Check Out The Pictures, by International Historian Debbie Henize

Hello sisters,

Did you know that the online directory is available on our website?  Try it out.  All you need to do is type in the name of the person you are looking for and the directory will search them out.  You can also search by Chapter or Province.  We are still working on all of the features, but it is a powerful tool.  Start to use it.  It is easy.  I bet you did not know that the new online directory will contain photos.  It will take some time to get all the pictures uploaded, but it is a great feature of the new database.  Thanks to Pat Herweg, Eta Sigma Chapter members were the first that  I  uploaded into the directory.  I will upload the existing photos from the photo directory on to Membee but if you want a different photo included please email the photo to me along with the name of the member.  I can not wait to see all your beautiful faces.

Debbie Henize
International Historian

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