Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! by Debbie Henize, International Historian

I am entering pictures into our SPG Online Directory.  I have been using some group pictures that I have received from Facebook or emails.  The problem with this is when you take a group picture and remove just one person the image can be distorted.  I am using them anyway because I would rather have a picture with less quality than no picture at all.  If you have a better picture, please send it to me including names.  I am trying to get as many pictures as possible included before the International Convention.

2 thoughts on “Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! by Debbie Henize, International Historian”

  1. Debbie,
    It’s not clear to me what you are asking for. Do you want an individual photo of each person in our Chapter? Or are you looking for group images?

    Is there a set of directions for uploading our own photos in the directory?


  2. Hi Debbie:

    Xi Omega has updated the member directory and you can contact our President (Fiona Approo-Johnson) to receive the individual members of the entire chapter.

    Hope this helps.


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