On Our Way To San Antonio by Dee Dee Rupp

For myself and two sorority sisters, our recent Province trip was almost “the trip that wasn’t.”  Bad weather was expected and my husband, Dave, insisted that I cancel the entire trip.  However, as much as Dave would like to control me, I am uncontrollable (hee, hee)!  The three of us had discussed our options, checked weather and mapped out what we thought would be the best route.  This route kept us off the main highways, where we could seek help in small towns along the way if needed.  In the end, we were convinced the route, and stops made along the way was the path which God had intended.

During a stop in Cisco, TX, three eateries were suggested by a local resident.  We chose Waverly’s, a small café with famous meatloaf sandwiches, according to the person who suggested the place.  The proprietors greeted us with a warm welcome.  The store itself was filled from top to bottom and on each wall with children’s games, books, toys and other fun items.  We immediately felt comfortable and, oh my, the food was not disappointing.  The male owner, Sean, came to our table with samples of their homemade Sweet Potato Soup.  One of the best soups I have ever tasted, and I am a cook myself.  Sean then asked if he could sit with us and we agreed.  He proceeded to tell us about the café/store and we visited a lot about food.  During our discussion, it was mentioned that my mom wrote a cookbook, and Sean asked if he could purchase one.  He was very interested in my mom’s recipes for German foods.  Sean and his wife had also written a book and before we left, he gave us a complimentary copy.  We took pictures with Sean and his wife and were on our way to San Antonio once again.  The book made each of us think anything we want to accomplish can be achieved.  It was full of scripture and recipes and told of their loss of a child (Waverly) and their leap of faith to start their own business in order to spend time with their family.  Many positive events happened along their journey to success and have brought them to where they are in their life right now.  While this story was by far the most inspiring adventure along the way, we have many more pleasant memories from the journey to and from Province that weekend.

Yes, our journey was extraordinary.  And upon reaching our destination, Province proved to be just as exceptional.  Seeing all of our sorority sisters in one place and spending quality time with them was a true treat!  We ate and laughed and, of course, had motivating meetings as well.  I even did a little twerking demonstration.  For those of you who don’t know what twerking is, you will just have to ask the next time you see me (hee, hee)!  During meetings, we were encouraged to increase our membership as well as our own involvement.  As you know, a great opportunity is ahead of us to do just that, International Convention in Wichita, KS.  It is a time for us to shine and show off our hospitality skills as we ‘skip’ down the “Yellow Brick Road” with our International sisters!  We are prepared to work hard and have fun as well. 

I’m sure each of us have different memories of the weekend, but one of my favorites was getting to spend time with our VIO, Rene Chenault, International Service Secretary.  We had a wonderful time down at the San Antonio Riverwalk.  It was kind of enchanting, with the music, lights, aroma of delicious foods, laughter, conversations and especially the parade of Lantern Floats.  I will never forget my Province experience in San Antonio, TX.  Thank you to all who worked to make it special!

The SPG Province meetings inspired me to be more involved in sorority and community.   Who knows, maybe in 5-10 years you will see me as a Province or International Officer.  You might hear me plug my newly inspired book, “It’s a DeeDee Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand”, coming soon to book stores near you!  Meeting Sean and his wife, attending the Province meetings and spending time with my sorority sisters have inspired me to write this blog, convinced me to go back to school and get my Master’s degree, and get involved in the ALZ foundation in Hays, KS.  My biggest dream is to convince backers to build a much needed Alzheimer’s/Dementia living facility in the Hays area.  Dream Big!

Hope this little blog has inspired and uplifted anyone who reads it.  May God bless!  Forever friends in friendship!  

With Love, and Friendship and Inspiration.

DeeDee Rupp

Mu Eta Chapter

Hays, KS 

11 thoughts on “On Our Way To San Antonio by Dee Dee Rupp”

  1. Dee Dee,

    I love your BUDDIE Blog post. What an adventure you had. The small towns and back roads are always my favorites. Your road trip experience made for some great memories. Thanks for making the time to share.

    SPG and our Sisters really do inspire us. The encouragement, connections, and love from our Sisters makes us stronger, smarter, and motivated.

    Can’t wait to read that book!

    Donna Collins

  2. Thanks for the memories! Dee, I took a couple of road trips to different Provinces this year and could well relate to your experiences. Thanks for the inspiration for all of us Sigma Phi’s to reach beyond our reality, to dream and to push forward and make those dreams a reality! I look forward to my road trip to Witchita this summer and sharing memories and dreams with you!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. You made me wish I lived a little closer to you. Let’s grow SPG together so others can be so inspired.

    Debbie Henize

  4. DeeDee,

    Thank you for the wonderful blog. I enjoyed it so much, what fun.
    Have always wanted to go to San Antonio, did not get to go the International was there.

    I have been in Sorority since 1966, and now I am in the new Virtual Omicron Epsilon Chapter, what fun that is .
    Mary Bundy, Rancho Mirage, California

  5. Awesome Article – may we all experience the back roads of life with family, friends, and especially our sisters. Thanks Again for reminding not only me, but each of us the reason we joined and continue to be apart of Sigma Phi Gamma!


  6. Dee Dee, I look forward to your being a Province or International Officer! You will love meeting sisters from around your area and our country-Canada too! I know you enjoyed your road trip, Province with your sisters and the Riverwalk time with Renee!
    Hugs in SPG,

  7. You three are so much fun! Congratulations on continuing your education. It will be a wonderful accomplishment!


  8. Ever since you joined our Chapter, you have brought so much life to our group! This blog is just an example of how awesome you are. Good luck with your new to-do list. You can do it, Sister.

  9. I had to go back and read your blog again. What an inspiring message. I hope all of your dreams are realized and can’t wait to spend time with you in Wichita.

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