Getting to Know one of our SPG Sisters by Mary Freeman, Theta Pi Chapter Editor

I would like to introduce to you Joan Wenrick, a 71-year SPG member of Theta Pi Chapter, Indianapolis, Indiana.


1. When were you initiated into SPG?

Answer: April 5, 1948

2. What is your most cherished or favorite story from a Province or International Convention?

 First Answer:  I was blessed to know for 10-15 years all 5 Founders while attending the Conventions when they were alive.  I was really close to Violet Pettit Tindall who was at the 25-year anniversary of SPG when the Convention was in North Carolina. While at the NC Convention I was invited into Violet’s home when she lived there during the Convention.  I also was close to Ferne Palmer Shick’s daughter, Joan, who was in our Theta PI, Indianapolis Chapter. 

Second Answer: When I went to Convention held in California in 1948-49, our Chapter hired a train car to have us travel to and from Convention that year.  We made many side trips while on that trip to Convention.  One was to be able to go all the way down into the Grand Canyon.  We were able to see the Southwest places that I longed to see all while with my Sisters in tow.  International Conventions are eye-openers especially to new members as you get a real feel for what they do on the International level of our Sorority.  Plus you get to see Sisters you have not seen in a year.  You also get to make new friendships as well as rekindle the old ones while at International Convention. 

3. How did you come to join the Sorority?

Answer: Helen Ritter, our own Kathy Anderson’s mother.  Two of Helen’s sisters were already in Sorority at the time.  There were five women that joined with me in 1948.

4. What is your most cherished memory or story with your Sorority Chapter Sisters?

Answer: Watching Helen Ritter marry and seeing all 7 of her children grow up and get married themselves.  I have a very close relationship and currently retain my friendship with each of her children.

5. What do you see for the future going into the 100 years of Sorority?

Answer: Being the age I am -keeping up with technology.  I still like my paper copies of the Lingo and Buddie.  I realize we need to live with technology in order to get the new members into our Sorority.


3 thoughts on “Getting to Know one of our SPG Sisters by Mary Freeman, Theta Pi Chapter Editor”

  1. Hi Joan, so good to see you, you have not change at all, since I last saw you, how many years ago was that?

    I am in Southern California now in the Desert by Palm Springs, I live in Rancho Mirage.

    Please say hello to others I know in your Chapter.
    Love in Sigma Phi/Hugs Mary Bundy

  2. Mary,
    Thank you for interviewing Joan and sharing the stories with us. I love the sweet memories and the reminders of how important our Sisters are to us, especially from Joan’s perspective as a 70+ year member. May we all be so blessed.

    Love in SPG,

  3. Mary,
    What a great interview with one remarkable Sigma Phi Gamma sister, Joan. Looking forward to seeing Joan real soon. Please give her my love when you see her next. Love to you both, Liz Cochrane

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