IN LOVING MEMORY OF BEVERLY ROBBINS, Tributes From Her Nu Epsilon Chapter Sisters


March 4, 1934 – January 8, 2019

Karen Barnett: Losing our Sister Bev Robbins has been difficult for all of us.  She was an inspiration to all who knew her.  A perfect example of a Sorority Sister.  She touched many lives and brought joy and happiness to all who knew her.  I will never forget the great times we had together.  I know she is looking down on all of us with a smile and enjoying time with Sisters that we have lost in the past.

Jill Colbert: One of my fondest memories of Bev Robbins is at the cabin in Brown County.  This particular year Connie & I slept on the hide a bed and Bev on the couch because she had to get up early to leave Sunday morning & didn’t want to disturb anyone, but she didn’t want to miss her Colts game.  She loved the Colts.

Beverly Collignon: Bev was my neighbor for over 50 years, she brought me into sorority.  We had unique adventures together.  I will just say that we had an unspeakable experience in Nashville, TN.  I sure will miss her. 

Gail Cowan:  I remember when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went to talk to Bev, and she was so reassuring that all would be ok.  I have been cancer free for nine years.  So thankful she was so reassuring when I needed it!

Joan Eastham: So many memories.  Bev was, without a doubt, the most loved member of our Chapter.  Our matriarch, our counselor, and adviser, but most of all, our friend.  One of my special treasures is the afghan she made when I was her secret Sister.  I know she was so upset when she could no longer make them for our newer members.  Another fond memory was our discovery that we were both going to the New Orleans Jazz Fest.  We met there for several years and occasionally could get our husbands to change their routines so we could have dinner together.  Until her health began to fail, she was the happiest, most positive person I’ve had the honor of calling my friend.

Connie Fraley:  All my memories of Bev are very sweet.  She was such a loving woman and Sister.  Our last conversation she gave me great advice to do everything, live my life to the fullest.  Any chance I got to get up and go somewhere, do it.  Great advice and that’s how I’m going to continue living always up to do something. 

Evelyn Higgins: Bev and I spent many conventions as roommates.  Bev was always one for having a good time, and she loved her ice cream.  Sometimes we walked for blocks to make sure she got her ice cream “fix” for the day.  At one convention (maybe Sacramento?) she and I went on the post-convention trip to Napa Valley as we wanted to see some wineries.  One of those wineries, Sterling Wineries, was on top of a mountain, and the only way we could get there was on a tram.  Bev didn’t like heights and I didn’t mind them, so I kept looking out trying to tell her how beautiful it was, and she kept closing her eyes and telling me to hush.  We took another tram up a mountain in Palm Springs.  We had dinner on top of the mountain while waiting for the city lights to come on below.  

We had some fun times on our drive to Lake Tahoe with Sandy and Pat.  We had such a great time together that we decided to form a bowling team, and we were known as the “Chilly Willys” where we won a trophy for First Place, Second Division.  We had a lot of fun.  We came upon an old store with an outside “facility” and Pat said she couldn’t wait any longer, so she was going to use the “facility”.  When she opened the door, there sat a man, pants to his ankles, and she yelled “Get in the car!  Let’s go.”  She was safe until we arrived at a safe place.  Whenever the two Bevs were with us, they couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble.  For instance, the night they rang Joan’s and my room and got us up and wanted me to go out into the hall to see if I could tell what was going on in the room next to them.  You’ll have to ask Bev C. about that.  Bev loved her Sorority and all her Sisters, especially those in Nu Epsilon.  She will surely be missed.

Judy Monroe:  Beverly Robbins was a great friend and Sorority Sister.  She will be missed.

Sandy Morris: I first met Beverly at Lambda Province.  I had not been in Sorority very long and my husband’s job took us to Indianapolis.  She was so excited to get a new member!  She made me feel at home immediately, which I really needed at the time.  Having just moved away from family and going from working full time to staying at home with a 2-year-old, Sorority became MY escape.  Beverly was a leader in our Chapter and as our Chapter grew, we decided we had enough for two Chapters, so we split, and she was “Girl Responsible” for Nu Epsilon Chapter.  I remember when Bev decided to run for International Office.  She asked for help in creating her skit.  She was such a good sport, we came up with an idea and she went along, no matter how crazy it was, she pulled it off brilliantly!  I mean seriously, how many Sorority Sisters do you know who would dress up in a bird/owl costume and sit in a nest with a gummy worm hanging out of their mouth?  We made poodle skirts for one skit and played blow up instruments, she rocked it!  She was always ready to go!  Even the time we took her driving through the mountains around Lake Tahoe and there was not much of a guardrail, driving close to the edge on her side was terrifying to her, but she hung in there!  We went to Las Vegas on the way to a convention and she walked and walked even though we thought it was only two blocks, it ended up being about two miles!  Bev had a great sense of humor, she could pull off a one-liner, and not crack a smile!  Priceless!  Bev was always there, she was a friend, a confidant, a Sister, a mom, whatever we needed.  To say she will be missed does not even begin to express how we feel.   

Jane Rice: One of my best memories of BR is hanging out with her on her front porch.  A couple of months after I moved next door to her, I was outdoors with my dog, Roxie.  Bev asked me to come over, so Roxie and I started going over to sit on her swing to visit.  We’d sit there talking about everything and anything while Roxie would bark at the neighbor’s kids.  Eventually, Bev started talking to me about sorority.  To make a long story short, BR is the reason that I am an SPG member.

Becky Stevens: I wanted to give a couple of my most favorite memories of Bev.  My first memory is of my very first social I went to was at her house and we played Bunco.  My other one which is the last time the Colts missed the playoffs I had to go by her house for something after the game and she had been at the game.  My granddaughters had told me my grandson Luke was in the corner crying.  When I stopped by her house she had just got home, and I said Bev were you crying at the game?  She said, “No, but I really felt like it.”  I will really miss her as I know most all of you will.  Bev was a great lady.

I really miss Bev.  Even though you don’t see someone you always think they’re just a phone call or a trip away.  She always loved to talk to my husband, Kurt, about The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless.  I just see Bev and Kurt in heaven and chatting away.  I know Ed is going to miss her too.  I hope he realizes someday he will see her soon.  I know I’m looking forward to seeing Bev and Kurt.

Pat Wheeler:  Beverly Robbins was always my “go to” lady, at any time she was there to listen and help.  Bev and I were late night owls so we would often call each other while the rest of the world slept.  I have so many memories – both funny and loving.

Many years ago, I had to have some medical tests. Me being a worrier; was doing just that.  I called her and we talked.  She calmed me down.  The next day I was sitting out back when the doorbell rang.  It was Bev – she didn’t want me to be alone when I got the results of the tests.  I had no idea she planned to do that.  Bottom line all was fine, and we had a lovely afternoon.

A funny story comes to mind from our trip to International Convention in Portland, OR.  We were visiting Cape Mears Lighthouse.  The sidewalks were full of huge slugs!!  We had to watch our step!!  I was at a gift store and found a can of slugs.  I started laughing and knew I needed to share that with Bev.  Here is a picture of her opening them!!

Beverly was a lady that I respected, loved and laughed with.  Not only was she a dear sorority sister, we bowled on a team together (The Chilly Willys – another story), we were in a euchre club, we went on a cruise with a group of friends and we enjoyed adventures.   I will miss her so much, but I thank God for giving me the honor to share part of her journey through life.  Until we meet again…

Kim Wolford: I have so many fond memories of Bev.  Beverly came to North Carolina for a PSI Province meeting (no longer exists) about one year after I moved to Charlotte, NC.  Beverly was so glad I was contacted by Allison Clark, Past International President, 1978 – 1979 and active in Sorority in NC.  I didn’t know many people in sorority in NC yet, so it was nice to have a couple of familiar faces.  She also was one to encourage me to run for a PSI Province office only three years after I joined sorority.  Thanks to my fan club (BR, Mary Lou Bernard, Pat Thornton, Joanie Dahl) I held most PSI Province offices, then came back to Lambda Province and held the office of Province Organizer.

One of my favorite memories is when I was able to host a social at my Mom’s (Evelyn Higgins).  I flew home and we were going to have a blind wine tasting.  I had all North Carolina wines and had them covered so the ladies couldn’t read the bottles.  We fixed a London Broil on the grill and had some other finger food to go with it.  On to the wine tasting, there was a red wine called Christmas in Dixie that Bev really liked.  I ended up calling the winery, Southern Charm, three times one year to order more cases to be sent to Indy.  I think BR had six of those cases alone…she did share with Ann and Kay because they liked it too 😊.  I had to check with Bev every year after that to see how many cases of Christmas in Dixie she wanted that year.  Southern Charm really liked Nu Epsilon and especially Bev for about five years.   

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  1. Beverly was clearly loved by her Chapter sisters! And by many other sisters as well! I loved her Robin costume! She told me she was so glad when she finally retired it!

  2. Thank you ladies for sharing all of your memories of my Aunt Beverly. I not only have great memories of her in sorority, but all through my life growing up and spending time with her and the rest of my family at Dewart Lake. I didn’t see her as much as I would have liked, but I always looked forward to the time we were together. Her and my mom are together again with their parents as a family once again after all these years and I treasure the time that I had with them.

  3. I think everyone loved Bev. When we were on International Council with her we all got T-shirts that said Bev was the Queen. She always made Council special and I am so very glad and privileged to get to know her! Never a dull minute when Bev was around!!! Miss you dear Sister!

  4. Oh these are fabulous memories of a woman who was always smiling and ready to give a hug to anyone who was willing to take her embrace. Bev has done so much for our beloved sorority that is the cornerstone of our sorority! Love and miss our Beverly!💜💕💜💕

  5. Thanks to each one of you who contributed such wonderful memories in this BUDDIE Blog post. We will certainly miss the wonderful woman who influenced so many of us in such positive ways.

    Love to all,

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