What sisterhood means to me, by Linda Bullington, International Organizer

I woke this morning to sunshine!  Sunshine warms my soul, lifts my spirit and makes me want to be outside enjoying nature.  But let’s be real, I’m not a morning person…so if it’s still sunny and nice at noon when I start my day, I’ll go out then.  I’ll enjoy the sun and lack of rain, by mowing my continually growing grass.  I’ll wait for the frog to hop out of my path to safety.  I’ll marvel at the bright color of the green grass and the yellow dandelions-darn flowers-some have already turned white with seeds, then I’ll mow them down!  I’ll go through my morning, retired person ritual of waking gradually.  I move from the warmth and comfort of my bed to the comfort of my couch where I check my phone to see what has changed while I slept. 

Friends and family have taken their turn in our game of Words with Friends, so now it’s my turn to play a word.  Emails have come in-one has me shopping for a specific item for our upcoming sorority Convention!  Next, I go to Facebook.  One sorority Sister shares a bright cheery picture of colorful flowers and wishes us a great day- I thank her for the pretty picture.  One Sister shares photos of her great-grandkids having an Easter egg hunt at her farm-I can feel the family love through her snapshots.  One Sister shares that she is visiting her 5-month-old granddaughter she only gets to see occasionally because of distance-I tell her to enjoy her time together because grandkids grow so quickly.  Today is one of my Chapter Sister’s birthday, I send her a wish for a great special day!  These posts I read, warm my soul with the love of friendship and sisterhood we share, just as the sunny day does!

I continue scrolling through my FaceBook page, reading other posts, I come to one posted just 2 minutes ago.  It’s from a Sister whose husband is in an advancing stage of dementia.  Her post moves me to tears.  This Sister shares her heartbreak of losing the man she loves so dearly.  She has valiantly tried to keep him at home, to love him in sickness and health as she pledged on the day of her marriage.  But things have become impossible for her to handle on her own and she has had to arrange for him to move into a care facility.  I can feel the sadness and pain this decision has caused my Sister.  I send her an electronic hug.  It doesn’t seem enough.  I reach out to her by phone.  My intent is to cheer her up, but I hear the sadness in her voice and I join her in tears.  I hope I’m helping with the words of support I offer, she lives across the country, or I’d go hug her in person because the phone hug doesn’t seem enough either.  The days that follow will be hard for my Sister and her husband as they adjust to the newness of their situation.  Know that I will be thinking of you until I see you in Wichita where I can hug you in person dear Sister! 

Sorority has given me an extended family and electronic technology allows us to stay in touch more frequently than in days of the past.  Before technology, I would see just a few of my Chapter Sisters outside of sorority, but mostly just a couple of times a month.  I would see my Sisters from other Chapters in the area occasionally- at socials or Roundtables and then at Province.  I would see my Province Sisters in other states less often, due to distance.  I would see my Sisters who live in other states across the country even less, usually just once a year at our International Convention.  Now, thanks to technology, I can stay in touch with my Sisters much easier and more often.  We share details of our days and engage in games together to stay connected.  I look forward to seeing what my Sisters post as a way to stay in touch until we are together.  I am grateful for my sorority Sisters and the friendship and sisterhood we share, that being a member of SPG has given me! 

9 thoughts on “What sisterhood means to me, by Linda Bullington, International Organizer”

  1. Thank you Linda, you explained so well how close Sorority Sisters are no matter where we live, we still remember and are remembered and in contact in different ways and different spaces of time, but we KNOW that we as Sisters are out there for each other. Hope this makes sense!

  2. Thank you Linda. What a nice letter. I’m in Alpha Provence, Epsilon Chapter. I love all my SPG girls. We were together last night, I had been gone for 6 months to FL. It was great to be back. I do attend the Florida Province meeting while there and always have great fun and love, but not like home. I will be in Wichita, with 5 girls going. You cannot find a better friend than our SPG Sisters.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on my post Mary. I’ve been to both Omega and Alpha Province meetings and I had a great time at both! Lucky you – 6 months in FL missing the IN cold!

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