Recognizing One SPG Artist by Linda Bullington

Sigma Phi Gamma is privileged to have an artist in our midst, Carole Causey-Hazelgrove.  Carole is the calligrapher of our official Zeta Scroll, but calligraphy is only one of Carole’s many artistic talents. Carole paints in watercolors, oils and acrylics.  She draws and sketches.  She makes rust paper pieces, paper tole pictures and pen and ink drawings.  She also designs custom jewelry pieces.

How did she get into art?  She took art in High School, then was accepted to the Chicago Art Institute.  Over the summer between her Senior year and fall of college she applied for a job and was hired to work for the The Lima News-an Ohio newspaper.  She worked her way up through various positions, never attending art school.  She studied under various artist along the way through life, acquiring her many artistic talents.  At one time she owned an art gallery and custom framing store, The Art Works Etc., which was a consignment studio for other artists, her own works, personalization pieces for the public and offered art classes for all ages.

Carole has been adding names to our Zeta Scroll for 43 years, having been asked to start the task by International Secretary/Treasurer Doris Griffin!  (Carole says she was 10 when she started keeping the Zeta scroll LOL)

Sadly, Carole added all 5 Life Founders to our Zeta Scroll.  To pay homage to our Founders they are highlighted with a gold star preceding their names.  International Presidents on the list, are highlighted with a black star preceding their names.  Keeping the names of sisters who have passed on the official Zeta Scroll began in 1923.

Carole knows how to pen 5 different styles of calligraphy.  The Zeta Scroll is penned in Olde English.

Your SPG Sisters thank you Carole for your many years of dedicated service volunteering to cover this sad task.

2 thoughts on “Recognizing One SPG Artist by Linda Bullington”

  1. I was introduced to Carol last September at Wendie’s Paradise Retreat and talked with her about her art abilities. I was amazed just by the small amount of things that I learned that weekend. Linda, you did much justice to Carol and her skills with your words!

  2. Carole Is indeed a great artist. I met Carole when she lived in Indianapolis and was part of Lambda Province. This was before she moved to Texas. I have lost track of how many years ago that was but in the 70s or 80s. Through the years she has designed many program covers for Chapter, Province and International. Thank you Carole for sharing your talent with us.
    Nan/Nancy Hargiss

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