Exercise Your Right To Vote By Linda Bullington, International Vice President

Have you voted yet?  Women fought for you to have the right to vote!  Exercise your right!  If you don’t vote, you don’t have a say in how our country is run and you can’t complain about the people in office.

On voting day in my state of Washington,  I thought about women in politics and the advances we have made through the years.  With SPG’s 100th anniversary approaching, I wonder if there were some significant events from the 1920’s related to women.  1920 was a time of change for our country.  Women were beginning to leave the home and make their mark in the world, but equality between the sexes was a major struggle.

Did you know that in 1920 there were many words to reference a woman?  Broad, tomato, doll, dame, moll, hotsy-totsy and Sheba were used for women seen as objects of pleasure.  A woman of low intelligence was a “Dumb Dora.”  An uptight straitlaced woman was a “Mrs. Grundy.”  When a woman was referred to as “the bees knees,” she was extraordinary.  Which label would fit you?

In 1920 our country had a defacto woman President, Edith Wilson.  Edith served as a buffer between her husband President Woodrow Wilson and his cabinet, following his decline in health from a blood clot which caused paralysis, partial blindness and brain damage.  Edith would guide Woodrow’s hand in signing documents and relay his decisions on topics needing his input for the last year and a half of his term.  Yet still 100 years later there has been no woman President!

On Aug. 18, 1920 women won the right to vote!  We owe our gratitude to the suffragists who championed that right!  Women are starting to run for President but it’s somewhere in the future, because politics is still viewed as a man’s arena.  But women now have a say in how their country is governed.

August 1920 was also the time that our Founders formed Sigma Phi Gamma which is dedicated to friendship, sisterhood and community service.  It’s been 100 years and SPG still provides friendship, sisterhood and community service!  Share our sorority with your family, friends and acquaintances.  Let’s keep our sorority strong by increasing our membership numbers.  Let’s make our next 100 years even better!  Share your “why, when, and who”  and what we do to “Help Keep SPG Glowing by Growing!”

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  1. Thank you for this insight into our history and its parallel to our nation’s. I treasure these being somewhat of a newbie to SPG.

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