Connected Through Social Media by Vice President Linda Bullington

I love being a member of Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority! We are sisters across the US & in Canada too, united in friendship!

We have 3 levels of membership, we’re all in a local Chapter- a group of women who gather in friendship to help in our community.  Next is the Province level- a region of multiple local Chapters & then there’s the International level- sisters in local Chapters, across the US & Canada.

We see local sisters at our monthly meeting, occasional social gatherings, or work parties for community service or fundraising projects. We see our Province sisters at quarterly lunches & our annual regional Province convention. We see our International sisters, at our annual convention. 

If we’re lucky we also see these sisters socially- sharing vacations & travel. We also keep in touch via phone calls, texting, emails & social media. Today, I’m marveling at our social media connections!
I saw a post this evening, made by one of our sisters across the country, she shared that her family had lost a loved one this morning, I sent her, what I hope, was a comforting message, to let her know I wish I could lighten her sorrow.
I made a post- my daughter works in the Emergency Department at a hospital, tonight she’s outside in the triage tent that’s been set up to assess potential patients before they enter the hospital. It’s scary to me, she could come in contact with a Covid-19 contagious person… My sisters post comforting comments & well wishes for my daughters safety- it helps quell my fear.
One sister’s mom lives in a care facility, they had a positive Covid-19 diagnosis in the facility, we posted comments of well wishes for her moms health safety.

Social media not only allows my sisters & I to share our sadness or fears, but also allows us to share our joys & day to day lives. 
A sister went for a 20 mile bike ride, her first ride of the season! 
Another, shared a recipe.
Do you need a laugh, there are plenty of jokes.
There’s lots of sharing of photos-families, celebrations, nature & vacations.
By using social media we stay in touch with our sisters, share in our day to day life no matter how far apart we are & strengthen our bonds of friendship, this sharing makes our sisterhood stronger!
We are always looking for new members, if our sisterhood appeals to you, check out our website for more info & contact us for details on joining.

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