Reach Out And Support One Another By Debbie Henize

Hello Sisters and Friends,

What a difference time can make.  60 days ago if I said that you would be out of work, contained to your home and expecting $1200 from the government, many of you would have said I was crazy.  You would have been right.  Unfortunately, that is our new reality.
I wanted to post this article because I want anyone who reads it to know that Sigma Phi Gamma is strong.  We have wonderful people with great hearts.  We can be that light for others.  Let’s use this time to get close to one another.  (Figuratively speaking)  Call on that sister who may be in need of some encouragement and would love to just hear your voice.  My mom is 71 years old and under normal circumstances is self sufficient.  She helps me much more than I help her.  However, she feels helpless and was nearly in tears yesterday when we spoke on the phone.  You see, she is safe and healthy but this is causing her mental stress.  (I can share this because I know she will not read it.  She does not read the blog.) I share this not for pity for my mom but for a wake up call for all of us.  This is a stressful time and we need to stay strong and support each other.
We each have different skills.  I have noticed that some of you are helping by making face masks and many other selfless acts.  Can you share these with people?  Facebook, this blog or your Province publication are great starts?  Also, let’s be creative.  Which is difficult for me.  How can we make someone else feel special and loved?  I get so much satisfaction from my association with sisters across the country and Canada.   I want to share that love with as many as possible.  Also remember that many of our members are not actively engaged on social media so it may take other means to reach them.  Use your God given talents to reach out to a sister who may need you.
Dear sisters you are all on my heart.  I am proud to be a Sigma Phi Gamma and want to let all my sisters know I love them.  Special prayers for each of you as you reach out safely.  Let this chain of friendship into deeper love grow.  I’ll light your candle.  Keep it aglow!!
Love and Prayers
Debbie Henize
Nu Tau Chapter

4 thoughts on “Reach Out And Support One Another By Debbie Henize”

  1. Love this..I have been calling and sending notes to people (and my sisters) who are alone. Let’s share our love…it’s what we do best. 💚🙏🏼🙏🏼💚

  2. My Mom has a similar reaction to this sheltering in place, as your Mom Debbie. She has broken down in sadness at her isolation. Hopefully we are released soon – of course, once the curve has shown it’s safe.

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