The ABCs of Quarantining By Beth Beckham, International Organizer

Adventure – Life is an adventure, maybe a little too adventurous for some at this time

Blessing – Use this time to count your blessings, you will discover some you never knew you had

Clean – The dreaded spring cleaning, now a quarantine clean

Donate – After quarantine cleaning, think of all the donations you will have ready when this is all over for those less fortunate

Earth – Show the earth around you some love, plant, weed, mow your grass

Fabulous – Show up every day as your fabulous self, even if it is only to get the mail or take out the trash

Gratitude – There are certainly many we can show our gratitude to during this time, pick someone and show them you appreciate their efforts

Helpful – We can all be helpful to others during this time in some way

Imagine – Together we will get through this and it will end someday, imagine your life as it will be when this is over

Joy – Find joy in all that we do, no matter where we do them, be joyous daily

Kind – Be kind to those we encounter, we do not know what they are personally dealing with and they are providing services for us daily

Lovely – Find the lovely in every day, a flower blooming, a bird calling, a neighbor walking that we greet from afar

Mindfulness – Approach each day with a mindfulness to us and others

Nourishing – Every day nourish our souls, minds and bodies, it’s important to take care of ALL of ourselves during this stressful time

Obtainable – Know that peace and happiness is obtainable for each and every one of us, these should be daily objectives

Playfulness – Be playful in some way every day, not only can this bring us joy, but it keeps us young

Quirky – (I could have put quarantine, but we have had enough of that!)  A little quirky every day never hurt anyone, it can be fun, try it, you may like it

Relax – We are all in this together, frustration, anxiety will not make it go away any sooner, just relax, we’ll get through this

Smile – What can I say, a smile can make everyone’s day, even your own

Triumph – We will triumph over this current crisis because we are strong and committed

Understanding – Demonstrate understanding of others’ situations, we are here for each other

Valued – Know that every one of you is valued by me and others, make your day brighter by knowing this

Witty – Maybe take up a new hobby, sharing jokes and riddles, just to make someone’s day a little brighter (see Quirky above)

X – Did you know that X. X. in Victorian slang means double-excellent and X. X. X. is treble excellent?  A little X trivia for you today

You bet – Well really, I bet you can achieve greatness in your own way during this time, see what you can achieve

Zest – Whether a zest for life or a zest in the kitchen, live you life with it

I hope you reach out to others during this time to let them know they are not alone.

Stay well my SPG Sisters, Beth Beckham

International Organizer, Xi Theta Chapter, Omega Province, Port Charlotte, FL

6 thoughts on “The ABCs of Quarantining By Beth Beckham, International Organizer”

  1. Lovely Beth. Great reminder of appreciating what we have and not what we think we are missing.


  2. Thanks Beth, this made me appreciate my patients who are not able to touch or see their loved ones everyday.
    The frustration is not mine alone.🤓

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