Moving Forward by International President Sandy Morris

I hope this letter finds everyone safe and healthy!  As we are all in different parts of the country and in Canada, we face slightly differing situations with staying home, quarantining, being safe and healthy, which is and should be our focus right now.  Things related to that are changing daily, everyone is hoping that Covid-19 is relaxing its grip on us and will allow us to renew our economies.

Your International Council along with the 2020 International Convention Committee is working together.  Knowing that we are living in an uncertain time right now, we are going to have to move on with the planning and hosting of our International Convention.  We have an obligation to the Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri and they are very willing to work with us on having our Convention.  Now, we know there is still a possibility the event will be cancelled due to the State of Missouri continuing its ban on groups larger than 50 from gathering.  It is very clear that this is out of our control and it won’t be decided until much closer to the event.  Lambda Province must move forward to plan the event; they cannot wait.  We are asking you to send in your registrations for International Convention if you think you will plan on attending if the travel bans and group restrictions are relaxed.  Only this way will Lambda Province have a clear picture to move forward in negotiating with the hotel.  Please know your registrations will be refunded if indeed the Convention is cancelled.

The International Council is considering the consequences of cancelling and believe we have the beginning of a good plan in that event.

7 thoughts on “Moving Forward by International President Sandy Morris”

  1. I am sorry to hear this decision- many of our ladies are in the age group to be sheltered in place. I understand that the hotel will not want to lose the business, but safety of our sisters should come first.

    My chapter will discuss this and will decide how to proceed.

  2. My thoughts & prayers go out to our Int’l. Council & Lambda Province as they deal with this unusual and difficult situation. This being our 100th Anniversary makes it more difficult, Having been on the Council for 5 years and involved with planning of other conventions, I know the enormous financial responsibility to the hotel and others if we just pull out. It’s possible the state or hotel will cancel and there will be no liability. As it stands right now today the hotel cannot host groups larger than 50. It is still possible convention will be canceled or rescheduled.

  3. Richard and I were really looking forward to attending this 100th Convention and we do have reservations at the hotel as well as having sent in our registrations; however, I am at a quandary at this point. We in Maryland are suppose to stay in place – at our age we don’t have a choice – what happens if we are required to quarantine for 14 days in St. Louis before we can participate in anything? I am praying that all will SAFELY ease up – not just open up because people are getting restless.

  4. I am not sure that I would attend a June convention in St Louis. Having to travel on a plane and wearing a mask constantly. Most of our sisters have conditions that could put them at risk if they go, or their family when they return. Too soon.

  5. I am very disappointed, since this would have been my first convention and I have sent in my registration form. However, since I am also in the higher risk category due to my age, I am not willing to unnecessarily put my life at risk. I hope and pray that you are making the right decision to move forward with this event in these very uncertain times.

  6. I too am looking forward to the meeting in St. Louis. I have more or less decided on the May 1st date for a final decision. I am not willing to risk my health on a long drive and air flight plus possible isolation for two weeks if there is a chance that this pandemic is not mitigated by then.

  7. Epsilon Chapter had several rooms reserved, but we have decided to stay at home. So many of the girls think this is best. With all that’s going on we feel we can’t. If you can put this on, you have our well wishes. Epsilon Chapter will be there next year.

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