A Momentous Milestone by Linda Garbutt

     As of March 9, 2020, Beryl Humphreys will have been in Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority for 60 years.  What an an accomplishment that is!  We wish to extend congratulations to Beryl from all her SPG Sisters!
     Beryl is a member of Delta Omega Chapter in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
     She has served her Chapter and Province with professionalism.   She always attends their meetings and functions  with enthusiasm.
     Beryl has attended many Conventions throughout the United States and Canada.  She always greets her Sisters with delight.  She was looking forward to our 100 year anniversary celebration in St. Louis in June.
     Beryl enjoys particularly the role of Treasurer in our Chapter.  It’s a money thing!  She was a paid bookkeeper for her husband’s construction business, until they retired.
     Beryl chooses to be responsible for organizing an annual bus trip to Stratford and has done so for many years.  Participants see a play that is thoughtfully chosen to bring pleasure to all.  Time is given for lunch on our own and to do some fast shopping.  On the way home, we have an elegant dinner at Elmhurst Inn just off Highway 401. Beryl’s organizational skills and friendly manner contributes to the success of this summertime event.  It is her Ways and Means project for our Chapter.
     She has eagerly participated in many activities to raise funds for local women’s charities.  Helping others is a matter of significance for Beryl!
     Beryl is more than a Sister in SPG.  She is a friend to those she has come to know personally.  She shows compassion and joy for their life happenings.
     She is a vibrant conversationalist.  She must have a lot to share about SPG over these past six decades.  Just ask her!
Submitted by Linda Garbutt
Delta Omega Chapter President

5 thoughts on “A Momentous Milestone by Linda Garbutt”

  1. I remember Beryl at International in 1985 when it was in Canada. She was dressed like a queen and had the “royal wave” down pat. She did the “royal wave” the whole Convention. I remember her that way. She is a lovely lady and a true Sigma Phi.

  2. What a milestone 60 years of membership is! I know Beryl has many Sister friends in SPG.
    What a loving tribute of Beryl’s Chapter contributions you shared Linda. How fortunate your Chapter is to have such a Hidden Champion!

  3. Beryl was one of the first, non-Beta Province ladies that I met when I went to my first International Convention. She was a warm and an inviting person to sit and talk with and she made me feel as if I had joined the most wonderful organization. 25 years later, I still feel the same emotions when I see her or even just hear her name mentioned. Beryl is truly the embodiment of a Sigma Phi Gamma Girl. Congratulations!!

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