Four Omicron Epsilon Sisters Share Their “Why” Virtual Chapter

When I heard of the Virtual Chapter, I was ecstatic!  Even though I did not really know what that meant.  What it did mean is that I could stay connected to Sorority.  I was initiated back in 1966.  I no longer drive on freeways and out of the Valley where I live.  Virtual Chapter is a great opportunity for me.      Mary Bundy

Here is my “why”…For as long as I can remember my mom would attend sorority meetings, socials, Provinces and International Conventions.  She loved and still loves her Sisters near and far and helping her community.  It took me a while to find my time to join but I joined my local Chapter.  I truly loved every second but shortly after I joined, my husband and I moved to Cincinnati.  I found a Chapter near me but struggled to attend meetings and felt like I was letting my Sisters down.  All this caused stress.  My mom suggested I give the virtual Chapter a try so I could continue to be part of SPG instead of quitting.  Virtual Chapter has been a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.  I miss being in close contact with my Sisters, but I know my virtual Sisters are always there for me.  I have to say we do have fun, especially when we have a social.  We are all over the US and Canada!      Heather Carpenter

This is my “why” for joining a virtual sorority…I have a hard time making friends and feel out of place almost everywhere.  I found SPG online and was intrigued with the idea of making friends via the Virtual Chapter because there are no Chapters near me.  From the very beginning I’ve felt welcomed and included without any pressure and am excited to continue this journey.     Wendi Coats

This is my “why” for joining a virtual sorority…I tried to join SPG when I lived in Indianapolis but found I couldn’t attend the physical meetings on a regular basis due to work, family and travel constraints.  When we moved to Nevada, I continued with virtual sorority which freed me from having to leave home to participate.  I find this makes regular attendance easier, even when I am traveling.  I still feel close to my Sisters even though we are in difference parts of the U.S. and Canada.     Marcia Ward


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  1. I am glad that our organization has found a way to give those ladies who can not attend an in person meeting or social event for whatever reason, the opportunity to be a part of our great organization through the virtual Chapter. I know from personal experience our Chapter has taken a page out of the virtual Chapter handbook and have done our meetings these last few months due to COVID-19 virtually and it has been a great experience for all of us. So I can see where this is an awesome opportunity for our organization and to be honest I can see this growing into something even bigger – Thanks for Sharing!!

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