Why I Love Sigma Phi Gamma, from Robin Pelton – International Service Secretary

Sisters—I have a beautiful network of ladies that share good times and sympathize with me in my hard times. It is really wonderful to be a part of an organization of like-minded women that share my enthusiasm and love for our sorority. When I joined Sigma Phi Gamma, I knew only a couple of the ladies in my own chapter. As time went on I met more and more women in ever-expanding areas that opened up my world to new ideas, new friendships, and new camaraderie in many areas of my life. I am truly thankful for that.

Opportunity—Being a member of this sorority has provided me with so many learning opportunities. If I hadn’t been associated with Sigma Phi I would probably never have planned an event, met the lovely women I have met throughout the United States and Canada, traveled to cities I had never experienced before, heard about the wonderful organizations that we serve and give money to, and I certainly would never have found that I can be a leader among women. With your encouragement and support, I feel that you, my sisters, have provided me with a unique opportunity to serve. Thank you for that.

Recreation—As many of you may have done, I originally joined when I had a toddler at home and another baby on the way. At that time, sorority was a way to get out of the house at least one evening a month and have some adult conversation and laughs with friends. This, of course, became so much more as time went on, but I still have a great time ANY time I am with my sorority sisters…no matter if we are attending a social function or working our butts off to have a successful fundraiser.

Officer duties—I truly love being an International Officer. But I wouldn’t have been here except for being a Province Officer first. When I first became Province Secretary, I had two very young children at home and worked full time, plus my husband and I had a home-based business on the side. I wasn’t sure I was ready. But with the support of my chapter and my family I was successful and moved on to be Province President—TWICE! It was when I became a Province Officer that I truly realized the huge scope of Sigma Phi Gamma. It was an eye-opening experience and I am thankful that I took that step so that I could learn so much more about our wonderful organization. And at the International level, my world has expanded even more.

Reaching out—When I joined sorority, I not only joined to make new friends, I joined because it was an opportunity to reach out to my community and serve. Giving back is one of the things we Sigma Phi’s do so well. Sometimes we are only able to give small amounts, of both money and/or time—but with each member giving or raising that small amount, it adds up to a big contribution. As International Service Secretary, I have had the opportunity to truly see the generosity you all have. Be proud of that.

Intrinsic rewards—The feeling of satisfaction that comes with another event finished (especially when it is successful) is priceless. The groups that we donate to are always truly grateful for our service or our gifts, but the inner glow that each sister feels after giving of herself is irreplaceable.

Tradition—The rich history of our sorority is impressive. I am a member of Upsilon Province to which Violet Petit Tindall, one of our Founders, transferred. I had the honor to meet her and talk with her several times. She was a lovely woman and was truly awed by the influence Sigma Phi Gamma has had over our nearly 100 years of existence. I know that many of our chapters have modified our rituals to suit more modern needs—and Violet completely approved of this—but it is really nice that, even with modifications, the “bones” of our rituals remain and will always remain. When I think that our Pledge and Creed were written decades ago and still stand true, it gives me a feeling of pride in who we are and what we do.

Yes attitude—The sisters that I know and the ones I will meet in the future that belong to Sigma Phi Gamma have a “yes” attitude. We all strive to give our best and we all continue to improve and expand the workings and influence of our beloved sorority. This truly makes me feel proud to be a part of this group.

So that is a little bit about why I love Sigma Phi Gamma—




Dear Sisters:

It’s almost here … the SPG Annual Convention!  A registration form can be found in the March 2015 issue of the BUDDIE.

You can also order your t-shirt and charm, using forms found in the March 2015 issue of the BUDDIE. These forms are also on the SPG website.

Hurry … register early to avoid a late fee. We can’t wait to see you in South Bend, Indiana, June 24-28, 2015 for a ‘Sisterhood Bloomin’ good time!


Province Meetings Update


Congratulations to all the Province and Chapter Sisters who have had success in hosting their 2015 gatherings: Omega, Delta, Lambda, Chi, Gamma, Kappa, Rho, and Upsilon.

Next up, over the weekend of March 6th, we have Iota, Omicron, Phi, Sigma, and Xi.

Mid month we have Tau and Beta on March 14-15!

And wrapping up the Province meetings are Alpha and Mu the weekend of March 20!

Members of your International Council have been honored to visit with you at the 2015 Province Meetings!

We look forward to seeing you in South Bend. You can find your convention registration form on the last page of the March BUDDIE!

Chi Province Happenings

Beta Sigma – San Diego, California

Beta Sigma had a very busy end of the year! We have FOUR Rushees, and all are looking like great gals to bring into our fold! They have been coming to Rush Parties, and three of them attended our 75Th Chapter Birthday at B.J.’s Restaurant in El Cajon, in the beginning of January.   Below is a picture of all the ladies who attended. (Taking the photo is Betsy Flores)

Chi 1

chi 2

We had our Holiday Party at the beautiful home of Lorraine Halac. It’s always a great time and her house is so nicely decorated. We find out who our Secret Sisters (“Cappies”) are, and pick new ones for the upcoming year. The food was wonderful and it was a great ending to 2014. We hope you all had a great Holiday and for you ladies out East, weren’t too affected by all the crazy weather!

 Kappa Nu – Anaheim, California

Our members were busy with plans for our Province meeting which was held at the Fullerton Hotel in Fullerton, CA. “Boots and Bling” is our weekend theme. Kappa Nu is proud to host our V.I.O. and International Vice President, Wendie McKnelly.  We are happy to report we have two members who have recently celebrated their 90th birthday. Ann Self was introduced to SPG by our member Kathleen Williamson, they were neighbors in Long Beach, CA. She joined SPG on 3/15/2006 and transferred from Lamda Omicron Chapter on 1/2/2009 along with 6 members of her Chapter. Ann in early years worked in the Garment District in L.A. She has 2 children a son and a daughter, and she likes Sorority. Our other 90th birthday girl is Joan Murphy; she was introduced by her long-time friend Norma Lunder. Joan was initiated on 7/25/74, later she went inactive and returned in January, 2011. A little history Joan and her Sister used to entertain at the U.S.O. in L.A. They were dancers and longest lasting group to entertain for years. Joan came to California at the age 2. What she likes about sorority is the people.

 Mu Upsilon – Orange County, California

When you say Sigma Phi Gamma you say service to others. Mu Upsilon provides service to others through several means. One organization we serve is Boys Hope Girls Hope. This organization is dedicated to helping academically capable and motivated children-in-need to meet their full potential by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities and education through college. The appreciation in the residents’ faces when we deliver personal care items, food for their pantry, and cleaning supplies is what makes time and effort worth it.

Another organization we help meet their needs is the Boogie Brigade. The Boogie Brigade is a group of special needs teens and young adults who get together a few times a year at social events. We have donated money the past several years to provide decorations for their formal dances and a banner for their softball team. The joy these teens and young adults find in the things we provide reminds us all to appreciate the little things in life and life itself.

In addition to the Boogie Brigade we also provide donations to the Nutmeg House. The residents in this home are wards of the state, many no longer having family visit them, and range in age from early to late twenties. However, they function at a level ranging from 3 to 14 years of age. We provide a cash donation at Christmas time so these residents have a Christmas. The joy we bring to those at Nutmeg House reminds us of the joy of giving to others.

 New Life Beginnings is another organization we assist. This organization provides housing for homeless mothers and their children and assists the mothers in finding meaningful employment. They have a successful record of helping many mothers along with their children become contributors to society. We help them by   through providing Halloween baskets for the children, stockings stuff with gifts at Christmas, gift cards for the moms on Mother’s Day and other needs throughout the year. It is very satisfying to know we are helping these women help themselves back to being an active member of a community.

 For the last two years we have worked with the Orange County Cruise Association selling raffle tickets at their annual Labor Day Car Show and Cruise. The money raised from the raffle ticket sales goes to the Wound Warrior Project. The opportunity to provide assistance to our military men and women who were wounded protecting us is so gratifying and reinforces why we belong to this wonderful service organization!

 Nu Omicron – Temecula Valley, California

Well Happy New Year to all our beautiful SPG Sisters….
We were greeted with 6 inches of snow in Temecula for the New Year! What a gorgeous surprise! The snow stayed on the ground for three days, Wow! We are eagerly awaiting our province meeting next month with its Boots & Bling theme where our Chapter is taking orders for Province Survival Packs. Come March, we will be having our annual Fashion Show and Luncheon! We also have a few ladies eager to join our fabulous organization! So we are off to a busy start to 2015, wishing all love, laughter, and friendship in the New Year!

 Nu UpsilonLas Vegas, Nevada

Nu Upsilon Ladies   geared up for our Province meeting and had a  wonderful time with our friends and Sisters! Our Organizer has been hard at work recruiting new members. We have a few ladies who are interested in attending our next business meeting! Yay!

Omicron Alpha – Cerritos, California

We closed 2014 by enjoying our friendship through the sharing of gifts, food and refreshments at TGIFriday’s and opened our new year with a lovely get together at a S ister’s home sharing best wishes of a happy and prosperous new year over wine and appetizers. Then it was back to business, the heart of it all. Our January business meeting was spent planning our Handbag Bingo Fundraiser to be held in spring and a new chapter goal of increasing our hours of Community Service.

Contributing Editors: Marion Smith, Kappa Nu; Terrie Labreche, Mu Upsilon; Jan Hire, Mu Psi; Terisa DeMarco, Nu Omicron; Patty Evans-Rodriguez, Nu Upsilon; and JulieAnn Sherry, Omicron Alpha


International Service Project: St. Margaret’s House

Dear Sisters:

I am pleased to announce that the International Council has chosen St. Margaret’s House in South Bend, Indiana for our 2015 International Service Project.  St. Margaret’s House is not a homeless shelter, but a day center committed to improving the lives of women and children by individually addressing their immediate needs. A sense of empowerment is provided to each woman by assisting them in planning and making decisions for their lives, giving them a place in which to come together to support and help one another.

St. Margaret’s House provides many programs for the improvement of the lives of women and children.  Some of these include: health and education programs, financial advice, children’s programs, and individual self-empowerment programs.

We can help by providing them with a variety of items.  Since we are going to be meeting late in June, they can use back-to-school supplies of every kind.  They give these items away to children needing them.  They also give a toiletry bag away monthly.  They need all toiletry items as well as sanitary napkins (they do not give away tampons).  And gift cards of any kind are helpful if you do not want to pack/bring items.  I would stick with gift cards for stores that are nation- wide, or wait until you get there to buy one.

All of the International Council would like to bless this worthy organization with many items that they can use.  I know my sisters and I know the generosity that you show toward others in need.  All of us encourage you to bring what you can to help these ladies assist women and children in their community.

Robin Pelton

International Service Secretary

2015 Province Schedule and VIO Assignments

The season of visitation, friendship, and business has begun! President, Liz Cochrane kicked off the schedule with Omega Province on January 23rd. To follow is the full schedule:

Omega      January 23-26      Liz Cochrane
Delta           February 7             Joyce Berkey
Lambda     February 6-7         Cindy Stath
Chi               February 20-22   Wendie McKnelly
Gamma     February 20-22   Cindy Stath
Kappa        February 20-22   Donna Collins
Rho             February 27-March 1     Robin Pelton
Upsilon    February 27-March 1     Joyce Berkey
Iota            March 6-8               Deb Juracich
Omicron March 6-8              Joyce Berkey
Phi             March 6-8              Donna Collins
Sigma       March 6-8              Liz Cochrane
Xi                March 7                   Robin Pelton
Tau            March 14-155     Deb Juracich
Beta          March 14-155     Liz Cochrane
Alpha       March 20-225     Deb Juracich
Mu             March 20-22        Robin Pelton


CTB – Convention Throw Back 2014 – from Kappa Province

WOW, what an experience that was!!  Linda Barnes received her 25 year recognition.  It was her FIRST International Convention and yes she caught a lot of flack over that however it was amazing as there were five Sisters from San Antonio, one from Hays and another from Wichita there to celebrate with her.  Some of us arrived Tuesday by car and apparently got to the hotel after the tornado passed through Northern Indiana.  We were fortunate that we only drove through rain and had no high winds or down pours.

The SPG business meetings were very interesting and we were especially impressed with the formality and precision in how they were conducted.  The Zeta Service was a beautiful ceremony and many commented on it being the most beautiful ever (very emotional).

We visited Founders’ Park, ate lunch there, had pictures taken on the Founders’ bench then wandered through the park.  Friday we went to the Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre to watch the Broadway Musical, Mary Poppins.  We did some shopping as there were several shops and restaurants within walking distance.  Saturday night’s dinner and skit performances were hilarious.  Then there was the drawing for the 50/50 and our very own Kathy Jacobs won more than $1,100.  We were so excited for her and she treated our group to a drink in the bar after the event.  Kathy had knee surgery seven weeks prior to convention and was running circles around some that were present.

It was most enjoyed meeting Facebook Sisters in person, all beautiful ladies! After Sunday’s events we packed up and headed for home.  This was one of the most wonderful experiences we’ve had and hope to attend more conventions in the future.  This was a very heartwarming experience “In the Heart of it All”.   Linda Barnes gives a big thanks to her C  hapter, Eta Omega, for making this possible.  Contributing Editors:  Linda Barnes, Eta Omega;  Kathy Jacobs, Mu Eta;  Peggy Benavides, Xi Sigma.


Louise Franz and Peggy Benavides at Founders’ Park.


Kathy Jacobs big 50/50 win over $1,100!


Kappa Province Sisters!

Sister to Sister…..